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    Trophy Parade | Sunday 26th May, 19:30

    Just a thought. Maybe the crowd tomorrow should be sending a personal message to pep the goat..,chanting throughout the parade ..5 more years!!! I’m hoping a heartfelt message from us the fans to him might be able to persuade him to sign and stay. I don’t want him to leave Ever!!!
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    Trophy Parade | Sunday 26th May, 19:30

    Hate the cunts but I’m going to enjoy this amazing club tomorrow . World class 4 in a row history boys
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    FA Cup Final - Post Game thread

    Beaten by a shower of shit. Fucking hate them although I’m 300 pound up but still fucking gutted. Doko excellent. We were on the piss for sure. Oh well Champions parade tomorrow for sure
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    United (N) - Sat 25th May | 2024 FA Cup Final | Pre-Match Thread

    I’m not advocating violence here boy blues but .. we know some of their fan base are absolute shithouses. So enjoy the day and look out for each other I say.
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    United (N) - Sat 25th May | 2024 FA Cup Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Will be a very tough game do not underestimate them guys. I’d love to stuff them but this is the fa cup final where they will give there all to put one over in us. ..but so will we. Loud and proud next week boy blues
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    Other Fans City Fans Get On With

    West Ham United Man City’s favourite London club. Sunderland too
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    Agree totally. Proper club proper supporters. I’m slightly envious of it. We’ve lost a lot of our old skool support. Still some of us there thank god
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    This post definitely. They won’t do well in the champs league anyway so the fans don’t give a stiff. Massive poznan from all spurs tonight but we can’t let this be a distraction no way
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    I 100 percent wanted Leeds United to batter us that day. I was Leeds all day
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    Spurs (A) - Tues 14th May, 20:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Heads up . If we are winning against spurs their fans are all going to do the poznan tonight and I mean all of them… they hate Arsenal with a passion. Our team have to just be professional and get on with beating spurs like we will.
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    Spurs (A) - Tues 14th May, 20:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    All true Spurs fans want City to win tonight. I totally get them. If it were the other way around id want the same with that insufferable lot Man U . So a big friendly welcome to our fans and team tonight. I expect Spurs their team to come at us and be professional and try to win. If I was a...
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    Anyone else feeling pretty confident?

    Spurs fans all want City to batter them tonight and will be cheering us. I don’t blame them. I’d be the same with the insufferable lot that is man u so pretty much the same
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    Fulham PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Kova was amazing.
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    Get this lot in our home games all in one end together. Amazing support. Tell em all who attended. Today have to go in the 3rd tier and sit together.
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    Nottingham Forest (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    They’re a pacy team up front and caused us problems. I salute our amazing team once again.
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    Nottingham Forest PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Glad he had an off day ake for me too
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    Brighton (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Was so good to see Kev and Phil in the middle together in fact with Bernardo playing so close to them. World class midfield and frightening too. Absolute joy to watch this side
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    Brighton (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Pity this lot didn’t cover city v real match . Sick of tnt Madrid tv
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    Seat Counters - 2023/24

    Lots of empty seats in the United end today lol and from London
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    Chelsea (N) | FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    Legends enough said oh and pep =the goat

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