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    Does anyone else feel like this?

    Why is this the fault of the tourists and the club? The problem is the people selling the tickets. Those are the people who should be ashamed. Any of us could buy the tickets but most choose not so the tourists buy them.
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    Make your own Liverpool Echo headline

    Liverpool players can’t escape the horrors witnessed outside the Stade De France but continue unbeaten start with dominant draw against big spending Palace
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Anyone who went to Paris couldn’t fail to notice how good an atmosphere it was. Not just good but hostile too. The stadium announcer and music went a long way to creating this atmosphere and also they had ultras behind each goal creating noise around the ground. The club should learn from this.
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    Carabao Cup final tickets

    Hi - I have a spare ticket for Block 528 Row 19. Face value is £56.
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    players that you cant believe played for city

    Simon roger on loan from palace. Lee briscoe on loan from wednesday. Tim flowers, although didnt play. Mazzarelli. Paul beasley. Eddie mcgoldrick. Kerim kerkhar. Djamel stepover king abdoun in his 5 mins v southampton. Dino toppmoller altough he never got on, thought his dad was going to...
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    Goals scored this season

    I agree, what winds me up more is set pieces. When we have one in the oppositions half, rather than throw it in the box and see what happens, we pass it 5 yards sideways and the ball goes back the defence. Why do we keep doing this? These little passes have not got us anywhere all game (first...
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    What's it like to get a penalty away from home?

    Don't forget the Toure one at the Bernebeu! At 1-0, he got his shot away and the defender took him out. Surely this is still a foul as it has to put you off your shot? Similarily Aguero at home v Arsenal this season, again at 1-0.

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