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    Until The Light Takes Us - UK Release

    Granted, Transilvanian Hunger-Under a Funeral Moon and A Blaze in the Northern Sky ARE great albums. But for anyone starting out on the genre there not one's i'd dive straight into. For Darkthrone i'd say The Cult is Alive is a good Ice breaker as they play some of their heaviest material but...
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    Until The Light Takes Us - UK Release

    Black Metal came in 2 "waves", the first which consisted of bands such as King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Black Widow (debateable), Hellhammer, Bathory and Venom. Venom was where the phrase "Black Metal" came from, and so started the Second Wave of Black Metal bands from Norway. The...
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    Derren Brown

    Ironic how near the end his advertisement came up quoting "how to avoid paranormal scammers", I think more people believe that the paranormal is real (as they may have experienced it for themselves) than would ever believe this guy. I call Shenanigans.
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    Big Fire in High Peak

    Im about 5 miles South near to Furness Vale and although I didnt hear anything here explosion wise the Whaley Crew (along with 100 other firefighters+specialist crews) have been sent out to tackle this. My brother is a firefighter but luckily off-duty today, im hoping to get some inside...
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    Metal bands from Manchester

    Bisonhammer - <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Winterfylleth - <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Shocking and cowardly incident

    Noone deserves to get beat for supporting a different club. Its like smacking someone senseless because they drive a Ford and not a Toyota. Its pointless.
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    London is a ***** hole

    Did you even read my origional post. I dont have a problem with black people, I have a problem with Black Gangsters who have dragged London into a slum. They might have rivalries in Africa but this is the UK and people just want to get on with their lives without having to fear they'll get...
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    London is a ***** hole

    Yeh im a racist BNP voting bloke because the reason I was in London was to visit a friend who's half-African and dad comes from Kenya. Not to mention the fact my ex's family is from Jamaica. Idiot
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    London is a ***** hole

    What I love about Manchester is that you dont have this "wots yer postcode" crap going on by little 16yr old Asians who think there Gangstaa because they go round carrying knives and play GTA all the time. In Manchester you know your generally safe in the City Centre even a night (theres still...
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    FAO any offical MCFC members

    As of today I have snapped my Accesscard in two and thrown in the bin, selling all my merchandise and turning my back on the club ive supported for 25 years of my life in the same way Ive had my back turned on this past week. Ive been shunted out of a seat to make way for a supporter who...
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    MCFC Hooded Jacket for Sale

    Im selling my Hooded Jacket as its a size too small and recently bought from the club shop, turns out im now a Large not a Medium. Jacket is more a summer Jacket but looks good in any weather, in mint condition and comes with official MCFC tag. Im selling for 20 quid if anyones intrested, just...
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    david jason racist joke.

    I dont get how Pakistanis/Muslims etc can be offended by such jokes when they named an entire City Islam-a-bad.
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    Natalie At MCFC

    All I asked was to speak to Natalie, all I got was "whats your card number, whats it regarding" etc, then she goes "you'll just have to queue up in line like the thousands of other city fans." Ive fucking paid 25 quid out of my pocket already for this ticket and not spent 1 penny on this fiver...
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    Natalie At MCFC

    Just rang up the MCFC ticket line and had a fucking RAG called Amy treat me like Shit, how do I get hold of this Natalie?
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    Hamburg fans buying tickets? - rubbish

    city got it spot on with their cheap prices, but still there are whining whingers because they didnt get a ticket, boo hoo Get a seasoncard Piss Off, I couldnt get a ticket because Pricks who dont even support City were jamming the phone lines and crashing the Ticket system. In the end I...
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    Pyramid Stadium?? 100,000

    What next, a Mosque.
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    Pyramid Stadium?? 100,000

    What next, a Mosque.
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    The Great Ticket Cock Up.

    Spent this morning phoning up a non-existant phone line about 25 times so knows what the phone bill is going to be on that. Then logged on the net to find the server on the ticket site had crashed, tried refreshing which eventually worked only to come up with a "error" page thing on every...
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    Ticket office

    Managed to get through onto the MCFC ticketing home page, but couldnt get any further as any link I clicked on was followed up by a "Error" page. Frustration.
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    Did anyone watch 102 minutes that changed America?

    "Im 69, thank god I can still run like hell" quote of the film I think, I dont think he quite knew what had happened to be honest, or was in such a shock that someone else around him was alive that he had some humor about the situation they were in.

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