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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    There are definite seasons aren't there. The leaving season The new signings are poor season The team is underperformed season The can team X pip City for the title season The it's not fair City have all the best players season Nothing left to say, they are just cheats season Those are my...
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    Kompany set to become Bayern Munich manager

    Fantastic move for Vinny really gets him into the management magic circle. Might not have been great for his stock to hang around at Burnley.
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    Under 17 Euros

    Exc. I always thought Lopez You Farty (Ufarte) for Spain would never be bettered..
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    West Ham United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread | Champions of England

    Sunday was a bit hazy at the ground but watching it back I thought our first 20 mins were magical, getting up to Real Madrid match levels from ast season.
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    North Stand Expansion

    Apologies if I haven't been paying attention in class but when we attend a match next season will the new roof have been installed or e.g will we still be looking at the back of the existing level 2. Just trying to get a handle on what we will be looking like at in the Stadium?
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    Other Fans City Fans Get On With

    You've pretty much got it as to why you might have got those comments. Mostly myths lapped up by people who want to believe them but mos On the right lines I would say Most of the London clubs I'm aware of West Ham, Spurs etc consider Arsenal fans as not really proper football people and a...
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    City and West Ham fans

    They certainly know their stuff on life and Football and are not easily hood winked. I only ever went to Upton Park once and it was surreal how at home felt, like MR with Cockley accents, mixture of the grittiness with warmth and undrlying humour is my best effort at describing it. We seem to...
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    Other Fans City Fans Get On With

    Thats a good shout used to work.with some Palace fans back in the 80s definitely the good guys of South London. I always thought WBA were pretty good. My nightmare club is Middlesbrough where I have managed to find trouble twice.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Exactly. He can't say they told me too.
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    WSL Aston Villa (A) 18/05/24:

    Anyone heard if Chelsea have made the WSL boring or is everything OK?
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Plus Arsenal are really just an expensive copy of our team but far more cynical but its never going to get mentioned
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Media remind me of kids at a children's party. We love this (title run) game, best game ever thinking they are the kid that wins. Start to realise they might not. We hate this game now its rubbish. Same 6 year old mentality.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    It is truly disgusting. Hope we stick it to them.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Saw a great comment from a Spurs fan before ' they'll certainly have my respect if Arsenal don't win the league '
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    Banners at Wembley

    Or "Gerry Gow will make you hobble, Hordle".
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    Spurs (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Betancourt is very sneaky , stamped on Phils foot.Noticed him up to stuff previously.
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    Thank you Stefan Ortega

    Stefan suits us because we're not normally under the cosh but caught on a break and never seen anyone better at saving those.
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    PLN U18 Blackburn Rovers 2 Manchester City 3 14/05/24

    Always thought he was a meat finisher but seems to be getting stronger and dominating. Very impressed! Fapetu and Hemderson Hall also very composed.
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    Joel Ndala

    They're all very young still, even Ndala not 18 for a couple of weeks and CDM not 17 til Oct so could all change quickly. Fwiw I thought Regan Heskey looks like he naturally has a lot of time, a good sign, but they've got ages yet.
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    Joel Ndala

    Agree its not really been a great season for him. Still dangerous on the ball but in danger of getting Braaf like and just running without finding a blue shirt. Hope it works out well it's all development phases but we also have Dunbar McDonald and Heskey junior coming through in that spot.

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