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    Ryder Cup 2023

    Must admit, with my "typical City" hat on I was feeling the nerves. Love the Ryder cup, its a brilliant team completion.
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    VAR Discussion Thread - 2023/24 | PL clubs to vote on whether to scrap VAR (pg413)

    Townshend said post match Pigmol were offered the technology used by FIFA and UEFA but they turned it down.
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    Ryder Cup 2023

    Must admit the only golf I watch is the Ryder Cup. All other golf is like watching paint dry to me.
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    US Politics Thread

    Show off!!!
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    Has anyone put their central heating on yet?

    I find at this time of year it feels warmer outside than in my house.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Totally agree, and I am woman!!!!
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    West Ham United (A) | PL | Post-Match Thread

    Get in blue boys, never felt more like singing the blues, City win utd lose.
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    Pictures of your Dog

    Looks like one of each to me. Top pic guinea pig, bottom pic dog.
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    Ryanair identification nightmare

    I am having the same.problem. I downloaded their app which it tells u to do but can't anywhere on the app that I can to do the id verification. Any chance you can point me which part of the app allows do the process thanks
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    Eden Hazard Plans to Retire

    Good, never liked him anyway. Thought he was way overhyped.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Seems the pool have forgotten to send their brown envelopes to pigmol!!!!
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    Ref Watch

    I noticed that as well. The expression on his face looked like his mother has just died.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    Maybe he should try lactulose. Does the trick for me.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    They probably have taken a lot more crap. It's just that the sychophantic press won't report it!!!!
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    I actually fear now for his partners safety. It has become clear that he will probably not have a career in top flight football because of this. These men who abuse their partners generally blame the partner rather than themselves. The realisation will hit him what he has lost. He is going to...
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    Sky have removed that quote from his statement saying it wasn't factually correct.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    Maybe just me, but find it interesting that sky have a picture of him in utd away kit rather than their home kit. Wonder why? Optics possibly? Shit stain of a club.
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    Newcastle United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Great performance. Thought we might have been a bit lack lustre after the excertions of Wednesday. How wrong was I. Take a bow Phil Foden, brilliant game by him. All the team played really well. CTID

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