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    What famous fans do we have?

    He was on stage at City Square, about ten years ago ? My daughter was into them at the time, made her day !
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    Bradford v City EDS

    Wow, how classy !
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    Favourite first game of the season

    They say that you never forget your first relegation, so for me, it's got to be Crystal Palace away in 1983... ...a game that gave us so much hope. It's got to be the most threadbare City side ever assembled...£60k spent all summer on McNab, Parlane & Tolmie. But a day in the sun at Palace, with...
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    Champions League Final | Useful Information

    Post of the weekend for me. Stress-free travel, both ways. Thanks Kerem
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    Memory is going...!

    This was possibly it ? It was a dire evening game when it was raining / sleeting. Mark Robins scored the only goal after a back pass got stuck in a puddle ? That was a long journey home, that night…although was it Cantona’s Hong Kong Phooey night too ?
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    Welcome Manuel Akanji | Signs 5-year deal

    what about the legendary... ...Giuseppe Mazzarelli
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    Manchester City v Gillingham 2nd Division Play Off Final 1999 23 Years Today.

    A great tribute to the day is the book "City 'till I Die' by David Chidlow, speaks volumes that there's a book about just one game. Guess there must be a few people on here that get a mention in it ?
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    The Alan Ball era

    I've always tried to be enthusiastic about new managers, Jesus, even when they're ex-United players. But couldn't muster any joy or hope when Squeaker was announced...just prayed that it was merely a bad dream. All I remember fondly of his time with us, was his last game - a glorious 2-1 defeat...
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    City - Liverpool U-18s - on City+

    Just kicked off
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    Liam Delap | On loan at Hull City

    Not sure that he should play in the next EDS game ? It's against his old club Derby and he got a red card in both games last season
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    FA Youth Cup vs Brighton

    On City+, so good luck everyone !
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    Reasons they hate us

    This pissed on a few people’s chips
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Check out the headline, the clip obviously only features two Premier League players...then jump to 1.18
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    City v Nott Forest (1pm on City+)

    Wow, if Palmer is the next Foden, and McAtee is the next Palmer, then Adam is the next McAtee.
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    From Francis, Tueart and Hutchison to Chris Jones, Bodak and Terry Park 81-83

    He arrived with the billing of 'The Glenn Hoddle of the Fourth Division', if I remember correctly ?
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    EDS vs Rotherham

    I was one of the weird few who went last ground and all that. The positives have already been mentioned - one-man show from McAtee. Lavia, Wilson-Esbrand and Bobb also played ok. Physicality was probably the difference. They certainly roughed us up a bit, as man-for-man, we were...
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    Worst ever City goals

    Duncan Davidson's only goal for City, a last minute winner vs Swansea in 1983. His shot hit the post, rebounded out, hit the goalie on back of the head...and went in [video]
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    Morgan Rogers | Signed by Middlesbrough Well done Morgan, this seems to have gone under the radar ?

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