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    A sense of perspective

    I think lack of perspective was the problem today. The team didn’t have any as they were still half cut in my honest opinion. Still, I’m losing my own sense of perspective after quite a few in JJ Moons
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    Bakerloo line has delays Blues
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    On a tube full of dirty rags giving it the biggun no doubt (I now live in NW London so surrounded by the cunts). Come on City!
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    FAO the cock who gave me abuse today

    It’s important to give these things a platform
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    How long will Ten Hag last at United? / Save Poundland Pep

    “Southgate you’re the one Now Ten Bob is gone Rags from bad to worse again”
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    Football lookalikes

    Almiron Ventriloquist dummy
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    Empty seats in the rags end

    To be fair, I have it on good authority that they set aside those seats to make Luke Shaw comfortable but he didn’t turn up
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    Kylian Mbappé

    Hahaha wtf. Sorry if already posted but that’s going to be a fairly short conversation. Arteta is such a fanny
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    Kalvin Phillips interview in the Sunday papers

    I agree he does seem a nice guy and I’m not one of the rabid haters but he does seem to give off a bit of a “woe is me” attitude to his setbacks and be a little too passive/not take ownership and make the most of his opportunities. I agree with whoever said the elite mindset just doesn’t seem to...
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    Match Thread | Brentford vs Man City (05/02/24)

    “Overenthusiasm” hahaha fuck off
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    Match Thread | Brentford vs Man City (05/02/24)

    Calm the fuck down everyone
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    Football lookalikes

    Snoop Dogg Ethan Pinnock
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    City bets 2023/24 season

    What’s everyone thinking on this 50/1 Alvarez bet? Remote possibility even after his birthday brace (especially with Haaland back) but can’t bring myself to cash out I don’t think…
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    City win the cheapest beer in the PL Cup

    If inflation stays that high for that long, we’ll all have bigger problems than the price of pints!
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    We showed them up on and off the field last night. So proud to be a Blue today. Totally lost my voice and my little girl just said “Daddy why are you whispering?”
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    Omar Berrada to the rags | TLDR: They want to be us

    Quart of Jim, brilliant. He’s taking them down Jim Lane
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    Anyone eaten in a 3 star michelin restaurant

    agree 10000%. I’ve been lucky enough to eat in quite a few Michelin starred but they’re just not my bag. Give me a decent local trattoria in Italy any day… Also as far as Michelin goes the lower ranked “plate” or “bib gourmand” are the ones I would say - much less costly, much more relaxed...
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    World Darts Championship 2024

    That’s his missus
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    World Darts Championship 2024

    Klopp embarrassing himself on that Peleton advert

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