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    General / Mental Health Support Thread

    Not been on here for a bit, but that was a really good video. Thanks for posting.
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    LOL!! When 'alternative sources' are forcing MSM to recognise there are OTHER sides to discussions then you have to ask who is offering 'fake and misinforming' information! Much of TV are national state talking points wherever you live!
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    Keep it going.

    Debbie will always do Dallas...
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    I find videos can round out an uneducated and biased viewpoint. I'm even open to watch stuff I may not even agree with in order to recalibrate my position rather than be entrenched in a held belief. But one would have to be open enough to engage with that uncomfortable side.
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    Movie Discussion Thread | Upcoming Releases etc..

    So, I was thinking about the 'T'Challa/ 'Black Panther'' character today spurred on by a quick mention of seeing the character on 'X-men 97' (great show btw). Are Marvel followers still set on not recasting the role after the death of Chadwick Boseman? Cos I'm sure he wanted the role to...
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Comparing songs and trying to decide between them... J-Kwon - Tipsy Shaboozey - A Bar Song (Tipsy)
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    I hope the likes of Eds and other Zionist supporters can see this PBS documentary on a short history on the rise of Netanyahu and the conflict...
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    These are Hamas terrorists, 10 days ago, dressed as Israeli protestors destroying their own supplies... Nothing to see here...
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    FA Cup Final 2024 | Manchester Derby | Sat 25 May 3:00pm

    Er, since when did we have a Spanish City show...? I love it, of course being all international, but it caught me by surprise! Mucho gracias, City!
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    Trailer Time...

    The man's in his 70s!!
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    Kompany set to become Bayern Munich manager

    I fucking LOVE this for him!! I really do! The Red Trafford Scum would have been a right F.O. from me, but this? Yep. Free hit to bring his footy like Guardiola did. In a relative farmer's league? In a league more akin to the Championship than the Prem? It's a perfect bridging position to...
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    What are you watching on youtube right now?

    I'm... researching nature's geometry and natural formation... All in my duty for a friend by the way...
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    Last Film You Saw

    Exactly why I had no love for this film! As you say it undid any good work.
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    I don't think Netanyahu "welcomed" 'Oct 7th' as such. Personally, I think he and his team planned it and I think it was planned with the 'leaders' of Hamas. Coincidental that a super secure area had very little security at the point of entry for Hamas, no? Netanyahu encouraged, funded and GREW...
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    Er, the absolute bellend Piers Morgan!!
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    Well, somebody needs to explain to Piers Morgan the obvious results of Israel's attempted purge.
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    Better explained and I'd agree with the awkward feeling of 'contribution'.
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    I can't believe what a shit take that is! Stones and Phillips are England colleagues at minimum. City players together and most likely friends off the pitch. Professional football is a small world, really. Do you think life stops for everyone outside of the City grounds? I guess nobody exists...
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    He has that 'Oh shit, this Netanyahu guy's a psychopath' look on his face...
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    President of Iran Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Indeed. I remember this as well. I know Carter was in a tough spot and it might have well been better to leave the situation in play, but who can know in hindsight? All I do roughly know is that Iran were a democracy being overly westernised at the time when it seemed the balance was okay...

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