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    Wierd stuff that scared you as a kid.

    for one moment i thought you meant it was me that was unhinged and weird... until i followed the link, that is :)
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    A life without potatoes

    having spent considerable time in north africa, where severe stomach problems (i.e. the squits and the vomits) caused by the combination of lack of food hygiene and hot weather are prevalent and can overwhelmingly devastate you, without the humble potato many folk would be dead... the local cure...
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    Life without alcohol

    i should be so lucky (wasn't that a pop song?). with two (mostly) french guzzlers taking up residence i have no hope.
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    Your favourite people (alive or dead) and why?

    and anyroad, evel was only mimicking the famous stunt-rider from the 1200's...
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    Your favourite people (alive or dead) and why?

    robbie wasn't a patch on evel. don't think he even had any toys
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    Your favourite people (alive or dead) and why?

    anybody who is prepared to sit in a rocket, sorry, skycycle haha, fired over a canyon couldn't possibly be scared of a few hairy bikers
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    Favourite Comedian

    not unlike yourself, then :)
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    Your favourite people (alive or dead) and why?

    neither did evel. he was shit at his job, that's why everyone loved him.
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    The photos thread

    liverpool fans then?
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    Brilliant but simple inventions

    i prefer overcomplicated inventions
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    Drunken Sleep Pissing - We've all done it, haven't we?

    my girlfriend at the time had spent xmas eve carefully and lovingly wrapping up pressies for her family and got an early night while i went out on the piss and stumbled in at god knows what hour so fucked i couldn't climb the stairs and found myself being woken up by her in the morning on the...
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    have any of the current rag team won the league? have any of the current city team won the league? just say that to them if they start with their usual preseason bollox.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    jumped on the tram into to town today to hire a car. on got a fella (late 30's), son (10ish) and daughter (8ish) all wearing spanking new rag tops. him (in a local accent, looking at the metrolink map) = sit down kids while i work out where we are going.
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    Additional time

    added additional time? bring it on, i say... we are incredibly privileged to be watching this city side right now. every additional minute of being able to do so adds to that privilege. i'd be happy if games went on for 120 minutes just to watch us playing.
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    Favourite Comedian

    blue mist
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    How many hours do you sleep ?

    if i'm struggling to sleep i try to remember previous dreams, past dreams from throughout my life. they seem to be stored somewhere in my memory that i cannot access during the daytime but can easily conjure up in bed if i concentrate. they start to flow and i can revisit dreamplace after...
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    Happy Canada Day.

    erm, okay, if you say so, but there seems to be a fair amount of that water stuff just a few feet away.
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    Happy Canada Day.

    the blue bowl thing suggests this is some sort of busking attempt

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