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    United and Brighton home matches March SOLD NOW

    @Cityhutch59 I'm guessing that the tickets are gone? I'm coming over from Canada and am having zero luck everywhere I try for ticket for the Utd game.
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    United (h) 6th March

    I've just booked flights to fly back from Canada, and was wondering if anyone has 2 spare tickets for this one? Been looking at getting tickets from third party sites and the prices are a total joke. Hoping to surprise my Dad and arrive unannounced and take him to the game.
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    How many overseas Blues

    I will be in Victoria, Canada. I have been trying to locate a pub in the Victoria & Vancouver areas that will be open at 7am but no luck. Got a season ticket and gutted that I am not going.
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    Where you watching City v QPR ?

    Any blues in the Vancouver area? I am struggling to find somewhere that will show the game at 7am. Come on, there has to be some blues around here!
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    What are all of us who don't tickets going to do

    Slightly off topic but are there any blues who will be watching in Vancouver? I really want to be with some fellow blues for this!
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    8.30am kick off for me...

    5.30am for me on Vancouver Island. Any other blues in this part of the world?

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