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    Can't get in my ticketing account?

    I had it last week on my iMac, iPhone and iPad. Tried rebooting, clearing browsing history etc. Then rang the Apple help desk. They said it was due to the website being 'badly coded'. I then rang City and they said they knew there was a problem that they were working on. The next day it was all...
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    Can't log in to City account

    Quick update for anyone else having these problems. I contacted Apple support who looked at it and they think that City have done some updates that are 'badly coded', which is causing the problem. I've also emailed City about it, so hopefully they'll do something at their end to fix it.
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    Can't log in to City account

    Is anyone else having trouble logging into their City account? There's no problem with the website, but when I try to go into my account it says - Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information). This occurs on my computer, iPhone and iPad...
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    Real Madrid post match post mortem

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this and I'm not making excuses for Bernardo because his penalty was poor. But it didn't help him that someone in the crowd held onto the ball after Modric kicked it into the stand following his miss. Gave him too much time to think. Somebody did the same...
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    Heartbreaking moments as a City fan - when your favorite player leaves

    The sudden departure of Johnny Crossan for me. We played a pre season friendly against Borussia Dortmund, which he missed (injury from a car crash I think). He was then sold before the first league game, so never saw him in a City shirt again!
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    Season Tickets - 2024/25

    West Ham changed their OAP season ticket age from 65 to 66 in line with the state pension age. My birthday is in October so the season I turned 65 I had to pay the full amount for my season ticket. But then for any cup games after my birthday I was only charged the OAP price.
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    City announce trial bus scheme for home games

    In the 60's/70's there were match special buses from Mount Road in Gorton to Maine Road and then then from Yew Tree Road coming back. There were match specials from Aytoun Street in town too.
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    Surreal Moments at City Games

    I remember my Dad telling me about the one legged man who hopped around the running track!
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    Thank you to our away fans

    I was in the scoreboard end. Great night and a rare goal from George Heslop!
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    Happy Birthday Alan Oakes

    Happy birthday to my all time favourite player!
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    West Ham United (A) - Sat 16th Sept, 15:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Does anyone know if the West Ham tickets will be paper or electronic? Thanks.
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    Fixtures Calendar - 2023/24

    I think they said by Saturday morning at the latest.
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    I usually get it on my iPad then mirror screen it onto the big telly. It's worked OK in the past.
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    Paul Hince

    I saw him play in the 60's and remember him scoring the two goals against WBA. Remember a league cup game at Blackpool that he played in too. I think he worked on the Gorton and Openshaw Reporter at one time.
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    Champions League Final | Useful Information

    I enquired with Vodafone. They charge £6:85 a day if you use your phone in Turkey.
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    If you passed that spare code to someone else, would it work for them?
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    If someone didn't qualify until Tuesday, could they enter into their UEFA account the access code of a friend who qualified on Monday but wasn't planning to go? Or are the access codes issued to a particular individual and can only be used on the account of the person they were sent to?
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    37 years ago today - City win the FA Youth Cup

    I went to both legs too. I met Steve Mills in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup. He’d moved there to try and play at a lower level due to injuries, but it didn’t work out. He stayed in SA and had a successful printing business.
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    Season Tickets - 2023/24 Not sure if anyone else has posted this earlier. Or if I've copied the link correctly. It's an article about Fortuna Duesseldorf making all games free to all fans next season...
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    Allardyce was on the verge of becoming Man City manager, deal fell through at the last second...

    Just after Sam departed from Newcastle I was in London for the City Chelsea game and stayed at the Marriot in Kensington. I went in the hotel bar for a nightcap after a night out and the only two other people in there were Sam Allerdyce and Peter Reid. I think they were doing some TV punditry...

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