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    Wembley 99 Play Off final - 25th Anniversary

    This seems to be creeping out. No fanfare or publicity. Really looking forward to reading it on holiday.
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    I don’t think you’d even make kickoff.
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    Change at Euston and get the tube. Wembley Central will be mainly Citu Wembley Park more United. This is because of the allocated pubs and side of the stadium.
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    Get Get off at Wembley central. All the pubs on the way to the stadium are City. There won’t be any United round there, they willl be int he pubs off Wembley way.
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    Wealdstone FC for pre FA cup final fun and ‘stress free’ parking.

    Get the tube to Wembley Central. All the pubs up Wembley High Steet between the tube station and the stadium are City only. JJ Moons is the biggest.
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    Wembley high street, on the way back to the tube. It’s one of two big pubs together.
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    I’ve been getting about a bit. A mate and I went stalking carp on a lake near his house in Yarm and he whittled out a 12lber on a freezing morning in early April. Several short lure trips on the canal system has been extremely unproductive for perch. Odd little one and a chub. I’ve taken on a...
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    All probably true. Nobody has much to gain from these kind of situations. I got a threatening letter myself once and got a solicitor contact to send one back. That was the end of it.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    It’s got plenty to do with us. If he’s doing his new job whilst on gardening leave he’s in breach of contract. At a bare minimum we don’t have to pay him.
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    Had some great celebrations in JJ Moons going right back to the Gillingham game. I'll be with a group. Best way to find us that my mate's son is disabled and has calipers on his legs.Say hello mate.
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    Ade Durham on Talksport

    It was a pitch invasion maybe or something. An image did the rounds saying "More People than Man City's Treble PArade" with an image next to it taken in some corner of our parade.
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    United (N) - Sat 25th May | 2024 FA Cup Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Everyone wears colours in that section. don't worry about it. Shirts only banned in the corporate area.
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final ?

    Train down Friday night with my boys. Meeting my brother in Kings Cross and going for a proper Scjezuan Chinese meal. Back to his lovely house in south london for beers and bed. Up early Saturday morning, meeting mates in the Novotel Wembley for breakfast. Over to the box park for beers. The...
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    Ade Durham on Talksport

    I know I’m like a stuck record but City’s PR department need to cultivate more relationships like Adrian Durham and Martin Samuel. The lies are out of control. There’s a meme doing the rounds which people are believing without questioning that claims Liverpool’s game got higher viewing figures...
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    City fans getting slaughtered on reddit for leaving Cutting Room Square a mess

    Liverpool fans would have organised a clean up party and left it spotless.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Agreed mate but there’s also a lot of straightforward ignorance. Football is full of people who have no understanding of it at all but are happy to espouse their stinking, simplistic opinions on anyone stupid enough to listen. There was a popular poster on this forum who doesn’t post any more...
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Every summer I am tempted to repost some of those flapping, panicky comments which come along every single season from the clowns, usually coinciding fairly closely with the first frosts. It would be a bit if a wanker’s trick to do it to be honest because everyone makes mistakes but, fuck me...
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    West Ham United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread | Champions of England

    It was always either for me. I don’t think we could have won both given the demands on the players this season.
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    City and West Ham fans

    A group got off the metro singing “We’re all having a party when arsenal fuck it up” A good number of them stayed for the entire trophy thing which went on forever and they were strongly applauding our players individually (especially Foden) and our team’s achievements when they were announced...
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    I don’t sit in any of the singing areas (I’m in CB3, maybe the quietest part) and they all did sing lots but not together very often. SS3 is the loudest part of the stadium (because of its size and roof) when it gets going and it tends to get everyone involved when it does.

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