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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    it was a stitch up from the start and we should now expose what is beneath the scab at the rotten core of UEFA’s underbelly. The fine allows us to go back after them. We ain’t done yet.
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    Chelsea (h) pre-match thread

    Ah PI$$ off! ;-)
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    Re Martin Samuel(Mail), absolutely agree...I dug out the article: It is one of those multi topic pieces , and further on there is another excellent bit about how we are lumped...
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    Football Leaks/Der Spiegel articles

    An interesting, (WARNING!)...but long read, about Rui Pinto (aka "John") in the New Yorker. We come in for only a brief mention...some very interesting stuff on Benfica and the Ronaldo alleged rape case. His background, possible motivations etc are all laid bare. Should be very interesting to...
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    FA Cup Final - Post Match Thread

    Wow!...what a fitting end to a magnificent season... incredible team. To top it off I think that was Gill sat beside Southgate( looking like he was chewing on a wasp);-)
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    Chelsea (h) pre-match thread

    Brilliant!..... You win the internet today
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    Liverpool thread 2018/19

    If we can rest Dinho in 2 of the 3 games we play before their next game we should be ok. It will come down to holding our nerve better than them and I believe we will....... but it really hinges on Dinho staying fit and in top form!
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    Football Leaks/Der Spiegel articles

    Well written Ste, keep fighting the good fight! Ctid
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    Who now then?...

    Yeah , no argument , if Pep thinks either are good enough he is the leading authority on the role.. I am concerned re Gundogan as a replacement for Dinho ... Gundo not a tackler or header of the ball which Dinho is THE expert!
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    Who now then?...

    Definitely liked the look of Aleix Garcia maybe 2 years ago? , but his loan to Girona seems to have stalled his development, I think he has now a second year agreed , but I think he is worth a chance if possible..... re Gomes ...great if he works out, have you seen much of him?
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    Liverpool thread 2017/18

    Well said, couldn't have put it any better meself.
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    Wigan (a) pre-match thread

    Sorry , you are coming across as a bit of a smartass..i will make one more comment and leave it at that, you said earlier that it was PEP leaking the team, now you have just said, I quote: "the management must be responsible" . I agree someone in the inner sanctum is leaking the team , and I...
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    Wigan (a) pre-match thread

    It's been 20 / 30 mins before kick off until now. 1day , as Kaz says ,gives Wigan time to tweak their plans. Say Pep decides to rest Walker in the Chelsea game, and we know the drop off is significant , do you think they would benefit? I don't like it and it could , as I said earlier, bite us...
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    Wigan (a) pre-match thread

    Do seriously think Pep is the only one who now knows who is going to play??!!
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    Wigan (a) pre-match thread

    Yeah he's the team sheet leaker! I don't like it one bit,and it could bite us on the ass in some serious games to come.
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    United thread 2017/18

    Just catching up on these, thanks for sharing! personal favorite from the 1-0 at the Etihad. ......"Jonesy, from Duncan Edwards to Dunkin Donuts in 12 months" QUOTE="Bilboblue, post: 10579641, member: 11456"]Always a giggle to read things like this...
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    Burnley (h) pre-match thread

    I'm guessing it's how you got your user name?
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    Guardiola Interview with OS

    Yep, couldn't agree more....and he stuck his neck out recently on the back of Tolms thread re Gill , conflicts of interest etc, by doing a good probing article.I certainly see him as one of the good guys.
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    Huddersfield (a) Pre-Match Thread

    Interesting that the Sweet F.A are still deliberating after 2 weeks, following Wagner(Hudders manager) being sent to the stand during the Leeds / Garry Monk incident. He is a Klopp lite type manager and will be a good focal point for their team during what I am sure will be a hard fought and...

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