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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    The fact that The Premier League makes these appointments is completely backwards. They are the ones making the accusation, they should have no control or input into the trial process. They are acting as judge, jury and executioner. Nothing about this process is independent. Add to that the fact...
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    Omar Berrada to the rags | TLDR: They want to be us

    Berrada - Poundland Soriano Ten Hag - Poundland Pep Hojlund - Poundland Haaland They're a tribute act!
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    Should the club name the stadium after Pep when he goes?

    Rename Girona FC to Guardiola FC
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    Should the club name the stadium after Pep when he goes?

    The City of Manchester Stadium again, briefly, until the next deal starts and then another company will have naming rights.
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    Moreno was £5million, Roberts was £7.5million, both left on free's having never featured. Hargreaves would have been on a high wage just to keep our medical staff busy for a year. The original line was worst signing, all worse signings than Mangala or Phillips who both played and contributed to...
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    Owen Hargreaves, Patrick Roberts, Marlos Moreno, Glauber Berti, Stuart Taylor, David Gonzalez, Gai Assulin, Teerasil Dangda, Suree Sukha, Kiatprawut Saiwaeo
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    Exactly. Walker has done worse things than Phillips, but he is a first team regular so it's okay... not suggesting he deserves any bad sentiment either, just a comparison
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    City pre-season tour in the US - Dates / Venues P14

    Surely there's just as much commercial value in playing the likes of Flamengo, Fluminense, Santos, River Plate, and Boca in front of 50-80 thousand manic South American present and future sky blues? Sell plenty of tickets, plenty of merch, live stream it around the globe, it'd have more meaning...
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    “Guardiola’s tactics will never work in the Premier League”

    Don’t think that represented falling short at the time either. Pellers didn’t win it in his last season, and we needed a lot of work by the end of Manuel’s reign. Did we improve as a team on the season before? Yes. That’s been the case more or less every seasons since, too.
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    Do Abu Dhabi actually sponsor us ?

    Was maroon, with a shield? Or a petal? Kinda open topped diamond shape thingy But same org, tourist board of Abu Dhabi. With Arsenal it’s the tourist board of Rwanda. PSG is just Qatar Airways no?
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    Stefan Ortega

    If the idea is for Ortega Moreno to be their number one, tell em we want Neuer in as part-exchange.
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    Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

    They say it like arrsome though. At least that hasn’t caught on. Awe-inspiring is a pretty neat word.
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    Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

    I’ve been asked by the police whether I want to press charges on someone (I said no), and on the flip side I’ve also been told by police that someone didn’t want to press charges against me. I won’t go into the details of either case, but all I was saying is that the police do infact use that...
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    Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

    If he didn’t have that policy, Giggs might never have happened Can just as easy have the opposite effect. Marriage and dating are probably the only part of a player’s personal life that isn’t any of the manager’s business.
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    Next Captain

    Probably why we’re waiting for the window to shut before a permanent vote
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    Dodgy City merchandise.

    King Kelv
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    Everyone ready for the new season ?

    Watch out for Rice… Hope Kova plays a big part in this one.
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    Everyone ready for the new season ?

    I wish we would do that. Nobody is better placed, in sporting terms, to plan our pre-season than Pep. We’re incredibly successful on the commercial side for countless reasons, and still would be so if we forfitted the seven weeks of public relations exercise between the ucl final and the...
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    Everyone ready for the new season ?

    I remember when Pep first arrived he was very upset about having to go on tour and said it was bad preparation. I think we were in the US that particular pre-season? If Pep had his way we would play Stockport, Bolton, Wigan, and Salford for pre-season every year. I’m right with him actually.

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