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    most powerful photos ever taken

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    Has this been the best world cup ever?

    Considering the attacking talent they have, they've been a let down, I'm glad Germany won in the end. They sorely miss someone like Riquelme.
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    Has this been the best world cup ever?

    I'm 24. I remember the tournaments post 2000 better, and can make a better judgement.
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    Has this been the best world cup ever?

    I feel the same way. My favourite international tournament however was Euro 2008.
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    Big Phil

    Not picking Felipe Luis was just baffling, and Lucas Moura, Alex, and Miranda. Brazil have been let down by some of their most talented youngsters failing to live up to expectations. Paulo Henrique Ganso epitomises this the most, he was more highly rated than Neymar at one point, but has just...
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    The World Cup Final.

    What makes me laugh most, is the way the English pundits and commentators don't know anything about him, and talk of him as if he were a young, upcoming manager who's career had only just started when he was appointed rag manager. He won the CL in 1995, he's been around that long, yet they act...
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    The Westminster Paedophile Dossier

    I thought it was Glenn Hoddle at first.
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    So, WC last 2, who do you want to win it ?

    Re: So, WC last 4, who do you want to win it ? Not to mention it would make the rags a more attractive transfer destination, and give them an untimely confidence boost.
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    Things that taste better when .....

    Homemade Chilli Con Carne, Apple Pie/Crumble, Bakewell tart.
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    So, WC last 2, who do you want to win it ?

    Re: So, WC last 4, who do you want to win it ? Want Germany and Argentina to both win, rematch of the 1986, 1990 finals, with Argentina winning the trophy.
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    World Cup Quarter-Finals Thread.

    It was a good idea (regarding the goalkeeper substitution). If Krul was the best penalty stopper in training, and could have the benefit of studying Costa Rica's penalties from their last shootout, while sitting on the bench with an Ipad, then it made perfect sense. Ferguson nearly did it in the...
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    World Cup Quarter-Finals Thread.

    Come on you Tico's! Can't have Van Gaal winning the World Cup, and then waltzing into United.
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    The Westminster Paedophile Dossier

    The Dutroux affair? <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ch.dutroux</a> <a class="postlink"...
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    Moyes To Galatasaray

    "We aspire to be like Fenerbache".
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    World Cup Thread Thursday June 26

    I hope Germany tear this lot apart. Russia were awful in the final third, and again Akinfeev has cost them. Capello has lost his mojo, he should just retire, and do Postman Pat lookalikes.
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    World Cup Thread Mon 23rd June

    Neymar has impressed me, but for a different reason. When you see him play, it makes me laugh when some say the England players (especially Rooney) are under too much pressure. Neymar is 22, the player under the most spot light in a not particularly great Brazil team, and anything less than...
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    World Cup Thread. Sun. 22nd June

    Were they though? This is the most average Portugal team I've ever seen. Without Coentrao they look completely exposed down their left hand side, Ghana will have an absolute field day, even more against Germany, when Howedes played in that position. The US worked hard, and executed their game...
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    World Cup Thread. Sun. 22nd June

    A big advantage Algeria have is that a lot of their players are born in France, and have come through the French youth system, which is one of the best in the world. I fancied them to get through.
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    World Cup Thread. Sun. 22nd June

    I honestly stopped watching at half time, thought the second half could just be a bit of a training match.
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    Should Hodgson go?

    No. He's the proverbial "safe pair of hands" type that is a dream for the FA. Doesn't rock the boat, will never criticise his paymasters, says the right soundbites at press conference, always picks the big names, along with a healthy sprinkling of United and Liverpool players, to ensure the...

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