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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    The media are serving fan bases of two/three "other" teams, we all know that, because of their numbers. Pieces by Liew et al are not written for City fans. They've nothing to inform us of after all, we've seen all the action, know all the rumours, they've got nothing, on the whole. I do wonder...
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    Something special on the way?

    It's literally just that portrait!
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    Declan Rice

    He scored 22 goals in his first 4 seasons at City, too
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    Media thread 2022/23

    "I simply cannot comprehend their burden of having to live with that every day.." Never forget
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    It will be in your City account
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    Sorted. All categories still on sale.
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    Media thread 2022/23

    Oh dear, they really are hurting so much...
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    Media thread 2022/23

    Phew, normal service resumed. Was getting worried about Barney yesterday..
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    Liverpool (H) - Carabao Cup 4th Round - Post-Match Thread

    Amazingly, it was THIS that Klopp was whinging about...
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    12 Hour Charity Podcast - Part 3

    Hello, hope it's ok to post in this section, and should have mentioned this at 9am! There is a 12 hour charity podcast being hosted by the City community today, from 9am-9pm, featuring a host of city podders, quizzes, and much more, if people wish to pop in and sample some content. Lots on...
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    Media thread 2022/23

    I often wonder how much of a bubble we live in regarding all of this. It's clear to me that City, whether they think they should condemn chants or not, are simply not prepared to play the "Liverpool game", which basically involves having to apologise every time they get upset. I also wonder how...
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    Media thread 2022/23

    My favourite lie in this...
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    Champions League - 2022/23

    This mean the Derby is definitely on 2nd?
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    Raphael Guerreiro

    Not signing left backs
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    A New Book On This Special Day

    Thanks. No they won't, but don't worry about it!
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    A New Book On This Special Day

    Another free book on Kindle for next 3 days if anyone interested. Fill your boots etc..
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    Kalvin Phillips | Joins City on a 6-year deal

    Easy to mis-read this <:O)
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    Media thread 2022/23

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    A New Book On This Special Day

    Well indeed, I assumed all books are free on there (?), so didn't mention that..

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