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    Allan Clarke on the current City team.

    Someone should show this to Clarke. By today’s standards it’s dire.
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    Allan Clarke on the current City team.

    With Gary Sprake in goal, at least 15-0. Souness is at the same shite. It’s embarrassing, and only reveals seriously low levels of intelligence.
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    Jude Bellingham

    He's a horrible little bollix, if ever there was one.
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    Champions League Matches | Semi-Finals | 30 April, 1/7/8 May '24

    Hamlet without the Prince. Won’t be watching any of these games.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Any excuse to post this!
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    And I doubt the oulfella knows that Liverpool fan groups had to get the approval of leading loyalists to use the Fields of Athenry dirge for their maudlin anthem!
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Everyone will most certainly NOT be happy. When their floating away is done, and they’re bumping up against Madagascar, maybe then.
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    Premier League Games 27/28 April '24

    That’s as blatant and obvious push as you can get. No way should the goal stand.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Most of my friends are Leeds fans. There are also large numbers of Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, and as it turns out, City fans. One of my regular fourball is a Luton fan. I know Watford and Coventry fans. West Ham also have a lot of supporters here. While Liverpool may be the best supported, in no...
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    Real Madrid post match post mortem

    Anyone see the RM fans doing the nazi salutes in Shambles Square? And it wasn't just one or two. Vile fans. Vile players. Vile club.
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    Is the FA Cup becoming boring

    Imagine having to wait for the Sunday papers to get the results. Now THOSE were simpler times!

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