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    re: Secretariat [comment found at YT] Couple interesting notes —. The field gets smaller every race, as the other trainers realize there is not much point in trying to beat Secretariat. Secretariat did something which is not supposed to be possible, running negative splits from start to...
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    Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

    almost golazo tonight in a cup match
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    52 | Oscar Bobb - 2023/24

    Wonder if Bobb thought about this as he lifted the trophy?
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    19 | Julian Alvarez - 2023/24

    His summer would include friendlies [already picked] and Copa America during June and early July, sharing striker duty with Lautaro. Then the Olympics would be late July to mid August. He's a walking kinesiology textbook. Unlike Lili von Schtupp, he never gets tired.
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    19 | Julian Alvarez - 2023/24

    Some buzz on Arg twitter that Julian is being considered for the Arg Olympic team this summer, fwiw. Echeverri trained with them, he could be in the mix as well.
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    Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

    I look at the 2023/24 City season as the 'season of Phil' - kid sorta carried us. In honor of that, and since I agree with a few others here that the easiest comp for CE is Foden, here's a video to ponder. Phil turned 18 a couple months before the 2018/19 City season began and played enough...
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    Lucas Paquetá

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    Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

    noticed that, can't really see it until late in the clip here's his iso vid, had a tough stretch from 45-60m but finished strong
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    Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

    standard answer is that he departs River Jan of 2025, where he goes next tho is anybody's guess
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    English Playoff Matches Thread | 2023/24 | 15:00 - Leeds United v Southampton

    THB - 108 touches [game high] - 94.2% pc
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    La Liga Thread - 2023/24

    Jesus Navas being subbed off for the last time @Sevilla
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    Girona Thread - 2023/24

    Daley Blind re-signed. Seems like a future coach, smart to be remain in a well-run set up prolly.
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    Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

    River beat Libertad 2-0 in a Copa Libs group match last night. Claudio vs 42 yo Roque Santa Cruz ... srsly ... not even joking. CE went 70m. Didn't watch but his highlights look decent again ...
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    Premier League Games 11/12/13/14/15 May '24

    wiki: On 19 August 2022, Real Madrid and Manchester United announced that they had reached an agreement for the transfer of Casemiro.[42][43] Three days later, he signed a four-year contract with the English club, with an option for an additional year's extension.[44] The deal was reportedly...
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    Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

    Sat nite River hosted Central Cordoba and won 3-0 in the first game of the 2024 Arg League. CE went 55m - didn't watch but his highlights are decent ...
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    Ex City Youth Players

    Rony Lopes booyah
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    Savio hits the post
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    24 | Joško Gvardiol - 2023/24

    "Following today's excellent showing against Fulham, he's now our highest-rated defender (7.38) in the Premier League this season!"

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