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    Headed to Scotland

    Now we’re back in the UK, we’ve decided to go camper-vanning with the kids to Scotland for a couple of weeks. They’ve never been to Scotland and it’s over 30 years since I’ve been. Anyone know what injections we need? Also, can anyone tell us which parts to avoid (please be more specific than...
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    What will you miss about lockdown when it ends?

    - uninterrupted time with kids - Exercise and fitness has increased - catching up with box sets - garden and lawn starting to look great - not having to drive to/from work I’m even thinking of dusting off the decks and vinyl for the first time in 10 years, and showing the kids how cool their...
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    When civilisation collapses...

    What will you miss the most? (No, I'm not referring to the drive from Manchester to Merseyside). If you've survived it, and you're in a cave struggling to start a fire and thinking about the pros and cons of eating the rat you just caught raw, what will you look back on with teary eyed...
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    God didnt know what he was talking about.

    I think, with hindsight, most of us would agree that a few of the 10 commandments completely missed the mark. 1-4 certainly seem like 'somebody' (#3) had some image issues. You shall have no other Gods but me. You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it. You...
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    AI - we're going to screw it up aren't we

    Hadn't spent much time thinking about Artificial Intelligence. Seen lots of excitement about it, but read a couple of books recently that talked about it and now I'm in no doubt. We're destined to fuck it up and wipe ourselves out aren't we? We're going to rapidly get to a point where...
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    Reasons we should ditch Fraudiola

    - 2 points worse off than last year - Hasn't won every single competition we've entered. - hasn't addressed his balding by getting a rooney-esque hair transplant. - doesn't seem to be 'getting' with the 'Manchester look' program. Far too foreign looking. Get rid I say Anybody else got any...
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    Houston....any good?

    Being asked to move there with work, with wife and 3 kids. Not convinced, wife less so. Anyone want to convince me? Alternative is to return to Calgary.
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    Southampton pubs

    Merry Christmas blues Anyone know pubs near st Mary's where city fans will congregate? Home for Christmas/new year, all the way from Oz, and taking my boys (14 and 12) to their first away game. Want to give them the full experience. Cheers folks
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    We're by far the greatest team...

    Whenever we sang it previously, did anyone ever believe it? Not far off believing it now. We are unbelievably good. I've never heard such purring from commentators... What a time..
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    Best debuts and the less said the better thereafter

    Probably a thread on this already, but with Fernando seemingly out the door, I was thinking of how impressive he was when we beat Liverpool in his debut, and his general naffness thereafter. I seem to remember mcpointalot having a fantastic debut. Anyone else?
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    Are you an angrier person since reading Bluemoon?

    I'm certainly not an aggressive person, but since joining Bluemoon I find myself thinking that people need knocking out on a daily basis, just by reading Bluemoon threads. They generally involve journalists or people connected with the rags. Don't get me wrong, I've never liked them...but I...
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    A stint in Darwin, OZ

    just accepted a short term assignment to Darwin, starting in a few months. Other than avoiding Crocs, Box Jellyfish/Irukandji, Sharks, Stingrays, Snakes and Spiders...oh and Aussies, anybody got any good tips for having a good time out there? Going with the family for about a year.
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    Manchester's greatest song

    I suspect this has been done before (if not why not?), but what's the best single ever produced by a Manchester band/artist. Name one, none of this sitting on the fence shit with a list of 10. I will allow 4 honourable mentions. ;-). It's difficult...and I mean all the way back to the Hollies...
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    Can we sing a song on Bluemoon without fu#*)ng up?

    I've clearly had too much to drink!!! Anyway, the challenge is we have to get to the end of a popular song, each poster quoting one line at a time, but the line can't be repeated. If it does, we've failed. If we make it, then we start another song. It's a test of patience/timing. Here...
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    The best Red wine.

    Is there a topic on this? Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec is clearly the best. It's Argentinian for a start!!! I challenge anyone to come up with a better wine on a 'bang for buck' basis. (That's WINE...not Whine)!!!
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    3 things you wouldn't want on a desert island?

    1 - a rag 2 - a sand allergy 3 - Monophobia
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    Football celebrity Deathmatch

    May have already been done on here, but if not, and you could stick 2 football 'celebs' from past or present together in a ring (presenters, commentators, journalists, managers, footballers, referees etc) and watch them fight it out until one of their deaths, who would it be. Tough one I know...
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    Anyone worked in Oman?

    If so, thoughts? I have a chance of a few years working there, about 2 hrs drive from Dubai / Abu Dhabi. Huge 'life decision' for me and the wife/kids, so I wouldn't want to make it without getting a well balanced bluemoon perspective!!!
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    Legends (ahem) lounge

    I was in the legends lounge for the derby. I don't have anything against the guy, but Richard Edghill is on the staff. Surely that's a bit of a stretch with the term 'legend'?
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    Help with Manchester weekend

    Let me start by saying I'm Manc born and raised, but other than fleeting visits I've been away from Manchester for nearly 20 years. Anyway, I'm bringing a few Canadians (young and in 40's) with me to the Derby/a long weekend, who've either never been to UK or never to Manchester, and want to...
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