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    What Are Our Arab Owners thinking?

    Now that we're fighting relegation, an entirely different (new) mindset is essential. The suggestion that ADUG will up and leave is silly and unrealistic. I think they might persevere with Hughes with a direct ultimatum that he must pull us out of the slump by the season's end. For now, forget...
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    All Time Worst City XI

    Ah...the comforts of reassurance. Only City fans would spend time thinking up their worst players lists. Situation's gone south, so why not have a collective whinge session?
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    We missed the Dunnie Monster

    Christ, I missed Richard Dunne like a toothache. There were moments when that Perreira fella made all them crosses and I was thankful Dunne wasn't there to whack the ball into his own fucking net! Or when that flash bastard Tchite making his runs...thank fuck Dunne wasn't there to chop him down...
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    Robinho Not Plays

    He is on the starting line-up...alongside Ched.
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    Robinho Not Plays

    Granted, the Schalke win was a rare moment of tactical superiority. I reckon the Spanish are more rough'n'tumble than that...
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    Petition to change the badge?

    Actually, my very sentiments. To be frank, I don't care if they put a naked Cilla Black on the badge as long as we win some shit...
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    Petition to change the badge?

    Mamucium, I mean.
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    Petition to change the badge?

    Oh right...I get it. The Roman eagle from olde Mamcumium. That clears it all up, then.
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    Lawro reckons................

    Anybody could come up with that...fucking Lawrenson is way overrated. Dude's a joke.
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    Petition to change the badge?

    As some hard bastard from Burnage said, "When did you ever see a fookin' eagle in Manchester?" The old one for, then.
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    Robinho Not Plays

    So that's us fucked, then.
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    Ban rich bosses!

    It's quite common to overlook the fact that football has become a global business. For quite some time already, in fact. Everybody profits from this new way of doing things. As fans, we get to see superstars play fantastic football (that is, if they put in their penny's worth, etc) every week...
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    Team for Thursday

    There is absolutely no way the gaffer will play that squad. Nor anyone else, really. What we need to do is simply field the strongest possible line-up and try to beat the Spaniards. It will only boost our much needed confidence and create a continuity/consistency which is sorely missing from...
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    Give Eastlands its Kippax

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    So, Jo has virus....

    With that squad, we should be able to get a decent result (note my BBC-esque cliche).
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    Bojinov is a far more efficient striker than Bianchi. There is absolutely no question about that. He is sorely missed. Bianchi isn't doing all that great in Italy, you know...I've seen some Torino games and he was there alright, jumping about, mostly with his back to goal...kinda like our Jo...
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    I can clearly recall ADUG making pledges to City in the long-term sense. So, in that respect, a five-year plan is an achievable goal. Sacking the gaffer will just make them look bad, and they're not having any of that.
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    Tourist City Fans

    Understood, mate. I just hope that I need not prove my "credentials".
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    Tourist City Fans

    Obviously, when the chips are down we start sniping at each other. First, the locals pick off "tourists" and non-Manc fans etc etc... I hope we get it together after Christmas so we can focus on football as oppose to this sort of irrelevant nonsense.
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    Support the manager

    The frustration enormous but I simply cannot think of anybody better than Hughes at this moment. There has been talk about getting in Frank Rijkaard...but it's all so unlikely. It just sounds like clouded judgment. Simple fact #1: If we don't get into Europe next season Hughes must regard...