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    Quiche, Hot or Cold?

    This is my kind of thread, Hot always!
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    Newcastle United (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Theres always one game in a season, where it feels city turn a corner and start their run, was it Trent Alexander-Arnold last year that said once City smell blood - It's game over This was the game
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    Everton (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Kev is 32 and doesn't turn 33 for 6 months
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    Wolves Away

    need 2 if possible please - many thanks
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    West Ham away 16th Sept

    Still looking for 2 if possible - able to pick up anywhere in Manchester at a time that suits you.
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    West Ham away 16th Sept

    Had one of these in my basket, needed one for a carer - couldn't get two - lost the one i did have - if any spares are going please feel free to send me a message or get me to message you
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    West Ham Away

    Flipping heck, had one in my basket but needed a second for a carer - couldn't get one. Anyone who has 2 available, any age, location - let me know Thankyou
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    What TV series can you repeat watch indefinitely

    Got to be Peep show or Two Pints for me
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    Lucas Paqueta investigated by FA for alleged betting breaches

    More than happy to see what this signing (if completed) turns into, never thought much of him but as other posters have mentioned he was a cut above the rest the last time they came to the Etihad
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    Burnley Away

    One if possible, ambulant also an option Many thanks
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    Wolves away sold out.

    After one last minute if possible, Adult or Ambulant will work Many thanks
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    Everton away

    As with the rest — after 2 spares, little ones 21st on the 17th Could take an ambulant and a carer also if that is what is available Thanks
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Surely if the Loan Fee was big enough it's better than him getting game time in spurts with us, put him well and truly in the shop window - good season over there, Happy days!
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    Harry Kane

    Spurs being linked with Pau Torres now - he won't be cheap - surely they're bringing in reinforcements before selling Kane
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    Haven't really had time to trawl through pages, but with me having an ambulant ticket and a carer ticket, I often take a different carer to a few games each depending on who is available Would this still be possible?
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    CFG Expansion | Başakşehir to join? (p70)

    This would explain why we’re being linked with every Brazilian prospect under the sun With the ease of getting work permits over there - park them for a few years before hopefully they get a move over to mainland Europe
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    Erling Haaland

    End of the day, our owners are shrewd businessmen and generally haven’t made many slip ups when it comes to transfers since they bought the club If it is in the clubs best interest to secure the services of Haaland then they’ll put something in place to make it happen People don’t need to...
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    so he comes out with an attack on Pep and Now is mouthing up to his new club? I think he's a great wingback and in an ideal world we'd have binned Mendy and used Angelino But, regardless, it's not a good luck - certainly not going to go as far as calling him trouble it's not my place I've not...
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    #21 | Ferran Torres - 2020/21 Performances

    Coufal is one of the best right backs in the league both going forward and defensively granted Torres didn't have the best game but he's certainly not going to have a game against someone of that quality in a while anyway - usually, he'll be playing on the front foot as the opposing full back...
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    EDS vs Arsenal

    I was thinking whilst watching, Lavia looked brilliant and hasn't really had the same furore around him a Delap, McAtee or Palmer have but I think he's got an incredibly high ceiling, someone I love watching play. Although last time I tried to see more of him I ended up being sidetracked by...

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