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    Europa League/Conference League Games | Quarter-Finals | 11/18 April '24

    shock shock shock nothing else they can say
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    Best butty

    Try Lightly buttered medium warburtons, loads of primula cheese and ham spread filled with ready salted seabrooks
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    FA Cup Games | Quarter-Finals | 16/17 Mar '24

    Thank you that team - what quadruple?
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    Travelling to Madrid

    Last time, we flew via Valencia which has a fast hourly train service to Atocha station which is a area with plenty of hotels eg sleep n atocha. then 20 mins walk to plaza Mayor. Coming back from the stadium it’s one road back to Atocha station with regular of buses
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    What to do when its p*ssing it down?

    Reply to threads a few on here , it’s raining for me too Or try the public gallery to watch a murder trial at the Old Bailey
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    Does anyone else feel like this?

    Possibly the most depressing thread ever ? but never mind , some of the tourists of today may become week in week out supporters in the future.
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    Utd PL (H) | Man of the Match

    Rodri for breaking the unbeaten appearance record?
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Man United (03/03/24)

    Another 2, please just to be sure for city to score more
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    Ticketing Compliance Manager - Man City

    If it got that I would lend my phone to whoever for the day as the few I do transfer to live near me, so no transfer would show up.
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    Next 5 games prediction?

    Agree . Despite usually being a pessimist about most outcomes I think the magic will kick in here
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    Ticketing Compliance Manager - Man City

    Yeah, I don’t want to be restricted to passing on my ticket every now and then at face value or nothing to family or friends, the job needs to get at the resale market
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    WTF is Manchester looking like Moscow in Glatnost

    The cafe down Lloyd st off Albert square used to one such place , of course now gone
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    Got a Ford Fiesta be careful

    Removing the rotor arm used to be a quick and easy way of immobilising a car, but can you still do this with modern engines?
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    Ticket transfer problem?

    For me Transfer is greyed out for the Everton game, has anyone been able to transfer yet for this one?
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    Sir Michael Parkinson dies aged 88

    His interview with Ali and Freddie Starr was one of the best as well
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    What's something you'll never do again in your life?

    Or Bootham Crescent
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    Strange Boozers you have been in

    On the mention of unicorn, the Unicorn in Hulme was special. This flat roofed estate pub had a massive horn or spire thing built above the entrance. A very basic local local where the gents cubicles had no doors for some time. Grenalls pub in early 80’s
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    That was easy, now getting there and back…
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    Local nutters/eccentrics

    Yes aka the Levenshulme bicycle man when he got down there
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    Worst City players you remember

    Kakhaber Tskhadadze and Murtaz Sheila

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