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    Very sad indeed. I'll miss Andy. A good friend and a proper blue. RIP mate.
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    Roger Hallam

    Yep. Sadly, it's too little too late.
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    The thread in which Bluemooners reveal tenuous links to famous people.

    Someone I work with has a sister who lives in London. Her husband (the sister in London) used to live in Los Angeles, America with his mother, now sadly deceased. Before she died she was a keen skier and her instructor was from Bern, Switzerland. He (the instructor) went to school with a lad...
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    Colombo was good. He had a proper detective coat. Kojak was the don though.
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    Tickets - Carabao Cup Final - East Stand 4:30pm

    Hope they don't reduce the points criteria in dribs and drabs. Everyone knows this will sell out by general sale in the end. So fair enough that season card holders who are members of the cup scheme get first first dibs, followed by season card holders and general members, but why stagger the...
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    How many points to win the league?

    I have my fair share :-)
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    How many points to win the league?

    Agreed. If it’s warranted it has to happen.
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    How many points to win the league?

    If United has to give us a guard of honour in April, it would rival Sergio's goal against QPR as the great Etihad moment. So want it to happen.
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    Ways to divide the UK

    The UK isn't united at all. It's had it's day and the nation states will go their own way soon enough. In the meantime, division on the basis of preferred underwear colour, subdivided by type and duration of wear, is the way to go,
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    Pay to listen to Corbyn speak

    Great point, well made. Moaning old bastards
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    Pay to listen to Corbyn speak

    The Daily Mail making accusations of racism. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle non white British? Seriously, read behind the headline and this is just more tripe from the tabloid press. Corbyn has principles and MI5 will eliminate him if it ever looks like he might be elected PM. Can't...
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    Peter Morrison Football Agent Jailed

    As it's been reported, he was texting 90 secs before the crash happened. Was he checking his phone at the time? Either way, he was distracted, driving too fast for the conditions and is to blame. Cases like this are so tragic, a second, a half a second either way and it might not have happened...
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    Bristol City (A) LeagueCup SF 2nd Leg - PreMatch Thread

    Expecting a totally different game from the first leg. High press, low press or no press, City will have the ball for the vast majority of the game. Cup ties are always uncertain. but Bristol will be hoping for luck, whereas City will be relying on general class and ability on the ball.
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    The unpopular objective thread

    Daniel Sturridge wasn't a money grabber. Mark Hughes was to blame for him leaving.
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    I'm not seeing the undeniable logic. What I am seeing is assertion dressed up as fact. If nature is as nature is. Then veganism is unnatural.
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    The justification for me is in nature. I live in the world, I'm not a passenger on it. Veganism is an artificial ideal that's only possible in a food net Western economy. That said, I respect conscious living and vegans are thoughtful at least.
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    Liverpool (Away) - Pre Match Thread

    Understand all the trepidation based on seasons past. But tomorrow, we should go there with confidence based on season present.
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    I don't doubt it. I'm a mindful predator and aware of the price other creatures pay. I've been considering my position for years. It's the widespread ignorance of separating flesh from life I refuse to be a part of.
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    Donald Trump

    That long? I've been busy. Nice to be missed :)
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    Donald Trump

    Large aspects of America are actually a reality TV show. Trump is just the rubber stamp.

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