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    Turkiye v Georgia - Tues 18th June, 17:00 | Euro 2024 Group F

    Brilliant game that. Georgia were a bit unlucky not to get something out of it.
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    Micah Richards the pundit

    I'd take him over the likes of spitty or ratboy any day of the week.
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    Reform UK Party Limited Company

    I noticed today that one of our neighbours, who I thought previously was alright, had a Reform poster up in their window. I just have a feeling that they are a bit cunty now!
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    General transfer rumours

    Scruffy Jim doesn't like tax, does he?
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    Serbia v England - Sun 16th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group C

    I thought England were OK first half, but they weren't great second half. I think Pickford is a bit of a problem, as he kept kicking it long to no one, when they needed to keep possession. They will need to play much better if they face any top level teams.
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    Hungary v Switzerland - Sat 15th June, 14:00 | Euro 2024 Group A

    I want the Swiss to win, as Akanji plays for them.
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    England Squad - Euro 2024

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    Germany v Scotland - Fri 14th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group A

    I think the Germans will win comfortably tonight. I honestly can't see Scotland getting any points from their three games.
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    Pep's contract situation

    Pep's 6!
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    Worst thing you've ever seen?

    Gail Platt's tits!
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    England Squad - Euro 2024

    Doku's fault apparently!
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    Bruno Guimaraes

    It's lucky we didn't get him, we would have won fuck all if he signed, he's cursed!
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    Kalvin Phillips

    Who is going to pay £20m for him? Unless someone is recreating the Brewster's Millions film, then I can't see it happening.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    They have to be good with numbers to work out the scores at the darts so quickly though.
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    2024 Europa League Final - Atalanta v Bayer Leverkusen | Wed 22nd May, 20:00

    Some team Atalanta on their day! Pleased for them.
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    Vincent Kompany | Bayern Munich Manager

    Mad appointment IMO, if it happens, and don't think anyone saw it coming. Having said that, I love Kompany and I wish him all the best!
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    They are fucking mental.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    He's an Uber ****!

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