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    What Content Do City Fans Want?

    Seeing the wealth of great discussions on Blue Moon has been great to see and be part of, hopefully I can added something worthwhile into the mix with this one. I started a newsletter (Sky Blue Times) in order to put out more Manchester City content for other blue but I thought it would be good...
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    FC Copenhagen (A) - Tue 13th Feb, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    I do think he is talented but he has a dutch brick wall in front of him tonight. Be interesting to see how he gets on.
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    FC Copenhagen (A) - Tue 13th Feb, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Seems like he just has fun with them these days. Same smart bunch of people that didn't ask one question about Gvardiol or Kova missing.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Anyone else enjoying watch ETH gas up these United fans into thinking he is a good manager. His press conferences are border line a comedy sketch.
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    Kalvin Phillips interview in the Sunday papers

    The timing doesn't line up for me, got no problem wishing you well on loan and that it just didn't work out at City but to immediately do a paper interview when you haven't gotten into the team consistently yet is weird. He couldn't do that at City yet had an amazon prime doc already being filmed.
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    Alternative Commentaries

    The Bundesliga does a tactical came for some games in the season, live on YouTube and normally will have coaches, scouts and so on commentate. Would be great if the Premier League did something like that to be honest.
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    Everton (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Good point about the lightning rod for complaints. A few players have failed early on to get rhythm through different factors. Clearly Gvardiol and Walker has been that, both through a new role they are learning which gets the best out of Foden but also by both having games that they struggled...
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    27 | Matheus Nunes - 2023/24

    Judged as a whole at the end of the season, that's my bad for not saying. Game to game he is up & down.
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    Everton (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    LW for me is still open and LB I think Gvardiol vs Ake is not settled. Depending on the wing choice, that impacts the position of Bernardo/Phil. Ederson Walker Stones Dias Ake/Gvardiol Rodri KDB Foden Bernardo Haaland Doku/Grealish
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    Everton (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Zooming out, today showed where Pep is at with working out his best 11. Second half is close to that, probably one or two to change. First half he was giving players minutes and trying out something new with the tactics.
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    Pep Guardiola - 2023/24

    We have seen now several pieces that work well, second half showed what his best blue print looks like for a run in but he ain't going to stick to that just yet. Doku is one that is finding himself in this team just as much as the team are getting use to him (reminds me of Haaland last season)...
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    27 | Matheus Nunes - 2023/24

    This game alongside his Burnley one just shows where he is at, very inconsistent but tremendous ability. Won't be near the team for an important CL game but has a chance to get into the team for those next season. Just got to see how he does rest of the season. Judge him as a whole rather than...
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    Everton PL (H) | Man of the Match

    Haaland man of the match, decisive in front of goal that second half. Looking like he is getting sharper each game. Hold up play is much better this season, slightly under the radar and games against physical defenders like that he is key. Looking at that Luton FA Cup game and the home game...
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    3 | Ruben Dias - 2023/24

    Ruben Dias is an interesting one this season, poor performances along with a shift in his role and demands put on him. I did a post in my City newsletter, linked below. Don't think you can avoid the fact he has done poor neither can you ignore the changes in his role on the ball, carrying it and...
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    Everton (H) - Sat 10th Feb, 12:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Huge game knowing that a win takes us top before Arsenal and Liverpool kick a ball. Regardless of who they play, adds a lot of pressure to know how quickly we have gotten back to the top.
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    City become the most watched PL team in the US

    Immense amount of piss boiling to follow on from that today. Shows you how much the tribal nature of fans stops them from seeing that of course this would be obvious. We play virtually always the most games, win the most and have a squad filled with stars for the past decade. The same decade...
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    I wrote a thread about Savio, will also include him in my newsletter which are both linked below. Exceptional talent, draws similarities to Doku but has shown a lot more work inside combining with central players than I have seen from Doku so far. More speed and power to win 1v1s than the...
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    Strongest Front 5?

    Weird thread to make given Pep will tinker with the team a lot depending on the opposition, so maybe front 5 is a too higher number. KDB, Haaland and Foden probably the only 3 out of that 5 I would say nailed on. Bernardo probably only slightly behind those two as he has swapped him out on...
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    I think it will come down to recruitment again in the summer, as most of us would have thought heading into last years window Arsenal could make some big buys to get closer to City. Perhaps not anywhere near as good as the media hyped their window to be.
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    Everton (H) - Sat 10th Feb, 12:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Going to be watching Branthwaite closely this game, looks like a talented central defender.

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