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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    As said on here many weeks back when they sent ATACMS, it was obvious there would be restrictions on their use and there is 0% chance Biden allows Ukraine to strike deep inside Russia before the election.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Eh? For about £50 in costs they’ve gotten themselves tens of thousands of free engagement. Putting aside whether you think it’s funny, or just extremely cringe, from a purely marketing perspective it’s a great move.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    It’s nonsense. The UAE Pro League is run by the UAE Pro League Committee, the board of which is freely available online. None of the board are Al Nayyans, let alone related to City.
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    City’s New Kits

    Could always be worse - for Girona’s first season in the CL they get this abomination
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    Rooney set to become Plymouth's manager

    Hoping his name recognition will help attract players perhaps? They’ve never been able to outbid clubs for players and have been relying on smart loan deals for years so maybe hoping United will send them some youngsters
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    A funny accent thingy? On a football forum? Br3x1t m34ns br3x1t!!!
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    Chelsea Thread - 2023/24 | Maresca to be appointed (pg284)

    Allegedly they’re interested in Michel from Girona
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    Chelsea Thread - 2023/24 | Maresca to be appointed (pg284)

    I mean I can see both sides - he’s never really won that much, but then he’s been at 2x basket case clubs in PSG and Chelsea and I don’t think he’s done a *bad* job at Chelsea considering what a chaotic lopsided squad he was given. Certainly I could’ve seen him getting them Top 4 next year.
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    Donald Trump

    While Trump shouldn’t be above the law, at this point it’s pretty clear he is, so this amount of effort and a public trial for ‘only’ a misdemeanour conviction is just going to play into his narrative that this is ‘election interference’ *insert eye-roll emoji* It’s arguable if even a felony...
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    Donald Trump

    If all they can get is a misdemeanour they might as well have not bothered
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    Donald Trump

    The prosecution need a full house and the defence only need 1 juror to hang it for them. Cohen admitting he stole from Trump Org, “hated Trump” and “wanted him to go to jail” undoubtedly adds an element of jeopardy to the prosecution case. Personally I’d be amazed, but obviously develop a...
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    Pep's contract situation

    At this point for everyone it’s guesswork but his good mate Lu Martin has been saying for 12 months now that 2025 would be his last season, including once again this morning in the times.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Obviously we have disagreed on the topic - albeit I think respectfully and in good faith - so once again I would just pick up on these few points, once again being my opinion only. On Mancini, I would actually say it would be pretty easy for the PL to show concealment, not least because we all...
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    The government have been buying up since day 1 to avoid selling their finite supplies.
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    Ederson to miss final 2 games of the season

    Don’t be daft. It wouldn’t have even been a yellow if Ederson hadn’t been hurt.
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Snippet - “Ukraine has regressed to fighting like a Soviet military, and "a small Soviet military won't beat a large Soviet military"
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    UAE have been doing the same since day 1…
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    West Ham United (H) - Sun 19th May, 16:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    I would guess they’re people who remember the last 2x City had to win on the last day to take the title going 1-0 down to Brighton and 2-0 down to Aston Villa
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    UEFA Ask City Football Group to Divest its ownership of Girona

    Non-story. Happened several times before, most recently Tony Bloom having to reduce his holding in Union SG so that Brighton could play in the Europa League
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    He’s a poster on Redcafe and claims to be an ‘M&A expert’….

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