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    Scotland v Switzerland - Wed 19th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group A

    Haha all that beer wasted for a offside decision.
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    Joke thread

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    Italy v Albania - Sat 15th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group B

    That Albanian fan looked well pissed.
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    Music Association Game

    Christie- Iron Horse
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    Germany v Scotland - Fri 14th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group A

    Is Souness breaking new teeth in.
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    Scotland at the Euros

    Scotland are based here.
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    Joke thread

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    Joke thread

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    Worst thing you've ever seen?

    When I worked at the children’s hospital I had to take the police to the mortuary to identify 2 children that had died in a house fire somewhere in Manchester,I could smell the smoke for ages after.
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    70's Groove

    Tony Camillo’s Bazuka - Dynomite.

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