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    Taylor Swift Tickets

    May help some I guess, Wembley have some accesible seats left for people in wheelchairs and can bring 1/2 people with them. Managed to get 3 tickets for myself and my daughters on 16th August. My youngest gets higher rate DLA and you need proof and obviously the wheelchair user has to be...
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    Liverpool Away

    May I please be considered for one of the hundreds of spares please :) I get to most aways but always fall short on this and the rags etc so have to throw my begging bowl out and pray ;) Thanks
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    Luton (A) - 10 Dec 2023

    Can I please have one of the many spares knocking about ;)
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    Who's got the most loyalty points

    I went platinum as soon as it came up as I knew I’d fall behind , I don’t necessarily agree with it but needs must. I also went to as many aways as I could and joined all the cup schemes so it’s added up nicely , they also gave me 1000 randomly at the start which was nice
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    Taylor Swift Tickets

    Probably harder than Luton away, but if anyone has 2 tickets to any U.K. show I can grab for my obsessed teenage daughter myself and my headache would thank you :)
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    Who's got the most loyalty points

    I’ve got 18,030. I started collecting then in 2008/09 season as before then I used other peoples names etc
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    Seat Counters - 2023/24

    In future just leave it and city try again the same day , or day after. You only get cup scheme prices if city take the money automatically, if you pay manually you’re charged full price unfortunately
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    United away

    Strangely only after 1 please if anyone decided to take leave of their senses and not go
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    United away

    Like everyone just looking for the one please if anyone has one by a miracle. Not sure if paper tickets or digital for this one but happy to meet anywhere . Thanks :)
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    United away

    4000 short on points as always , so looking for a miracle please if anyone happens to have a spare :) Thanks
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    FA Cup Final | Ticket Criteria

    Obvious question but have you logged in? That’s caught me out a few times .
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    FA Cup Final | Ticket Criteria

    I’ve just download mine to my apple wallet
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    Nearest football team to where you were born - do you have a soft spot for them

    Born and raised for the early part in moston, to a family of blues so I (luckily) never really had a choice. Moved to bury around 6/7 and went to Gigg lane occasionally with friends so always been second team. Still go to watch the newly formed AFC Bury when I can, it’s a decent watch to be...
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    Rags Away

    Looking for one adult please . It’s not my birthday, and I’ve been before but I really want to go again :) Happy to collect Thanks
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    Easy Changes to Improve the game.

    He said “easy” changes
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    Carabao Cup QF Draw | Southampton (A)

    Ah yeah, gotcha! Makes sense now lol
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    Carabao Cup QF Draw | Southampton (A)

    They won’t be salvaging any points in a league cup game :)
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    Would you accept this scenario?

    No, not this year. Only because I can’t afford to go to Istanbul this year When it happens, I want to see it
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    How many league goals will Haaland score this season?

    I’ve got that bet too, I put a £5 on, as well as £5 on 33/1 for him to score 5 against the rags. Fingers crossed :)
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    Liverpool away

    Amazingly still looking for one :) If anyone has a just one spare I’d be really grateful, thanks :)

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