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    Portugal v Czechia - Tues 18th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group F

    The quality of football will at least be consistent :)
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    Turkiye v Georgia - Tues 18th June, 17:00 | Euro 2024 Group F

    Somehow in international football, decent coaches don't get enough talent at their disposal and talented players don't get a decent manager.
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    Portugal v Czechia - Tues 18th June, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Group F

    Roberto Martinez gets to mismanage another crop of talented internationals.
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    Pep's contract situation

    Could be stress eating you know;)
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    Pep's contract situation

    Around 25th second, Sheikh says "this means four"
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    General transfer rumours

    Nowhere near close to Rodri. So Girona getting broken apart.
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    Joke thread

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    Bruno Guimaraes

    Luiz would be my first choice, he seems to have that extra calmness under pressure that we see in Rodri but rarely in other DMs. Guimares would be a great signing imo, but I think Luiz is that slight bit better.
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    Vincent Kompany | Bayern Munich Manager

    Simple as this. Wish the great man good luck
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    La Liga Thread - 2023/24

    So coming to united next season? Wonder how they missed out that there's another tall Norwegian striker last summer.
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    Mohammed Kudus

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    Mohammed Kudus

    This. Either we'll sign him or he'll be a Son/Salah level thorn in our side for years to come kind of feeling about him.
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    18 | Stefan Ortega - 2023/24

    Going to make it harder to keep him :(
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    31 | Ederson - 2023/24

    What if that was Cancelo?
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    Aston Villa Thread - 2023/24

    Can we sign him please? It makes even more sense now :D

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