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    Bluemoon Player of the Season 2018/19

    At the risk of being controversial I am going for a player who i believe is not only the best in the premiership in his position but has been a major factor in changing the way City play, never let's us down and sometimes does something I have never seen from a player in his position before...
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    Goal of the season

    Bit harsh, i see the inference but nowhere does it state it's City goal of the season that I can see.
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    Leicester (H) Post Match Thread.

    Just got off a horrific flight in dubai.....struggling to get connected walk in to a bar look up at the tv and BOOM! Liquid football Clearly making my son go full kit wanker did the trick. Ill need to bribe him again for the last match i guess, getting to be an expensive run in.
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    Leicester (h) pre-match thread

    I am boarding a flight in a few hours and will not be watching the game live for the first time this season. Wierdly this has made me very nervous. To counteract the effect i have had to bribe my 15 year old son (actually 15 tomorrow but i digress) to go full kit wanker because somewhere in my...
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    Man of the Match - Crystal Palace (a)

    Thought Walker did a fantastic job on Zaha to the point where he went over to the other side. After some harsh criticism of late he gets my motm today. Thought KDB is coming back to some kind of form aswell which is great news.
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    Crystal Palace (a) pre-match thread

    Really nice touch by the Palace fans. If I had told Tommo he would have his name on a banner at Palace he would have pissed himself.
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    League or Champions League?

    PL for me, love to see us win back to back and hopefully go on a run of titles. Do that and the CL will happen but prefer a decade of City dominance at home. To be honest other European clubs seem to be struggling with a couple of exceptions, I think we will soon be back in the situation where...
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    Adam Johnson guilty - 6 year sentence

    Are you suggesting people who commit the same crime should be treated differently based on how others perceive them?
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    Ajax Amsterdam

    When I was a kid I supported City, we were ok and to be fair we won a cup, we weren't great though and clearly we didnt fair well against other teams from the North West, first Liverpool then United. However like many here I kept the faith. However I need to come clean, as a young lad I had an...
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    How many points to win the league?

    What's the record for second place.....think we will get 91 with a loss in hand if you get my drift
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    How many points to win the league?

    We get 91 88 will win it I think
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    Schalke (a) Pre Match Thread

    Early goal for us and this could be a wide open game looking at our line up. They wont want to come to Manchester with a deficit. I'll go 3-2 to City.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Hoffenheim (12/12/18)

    In the middle of nowhere in Scandinavia, no coverage, no streams, so my son just called me he has his phone in front of the TV and he whatsapped me the game. Get in!
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    Chelsea (a) pre-match thread

    I so hope Sterling does not play down the middle, it's a complete waste. I would go as far to say I would rather D Silva played as a false nine, IF you are determined to leave out Jesus. That said Sane Jesus Sterling should be the front three, Bernado Silva and Ferdi in the middle and Delph...
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    Sad Passing

    To those who knew Tomo, his service was attended by i would guess 300-350. Arriving late as usual i was 10 yards out of the door trying to hear, but from what i got it was a lovely service followed by a fantastic spread at the local boozer put on by his long suffering Sheena. Many there were in...
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    Sad Passing

    At the service, during the reading the woman said, "you always heard him before you saw him", and yes he is why you all have to pay 3 percent more on the trains this year, to old to skip the barriers but to the end he was a "single from Stockport" man.
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    Watford (a) Pre Match Thread

    Can't see Ferdi being dropped, we lose control. They aren't a bad side and will be fired up. Need to keep them quiet and wear them down. I would probably go Ferdi and Ilkay and then take Ferdi off if we are comfortable. Walker back hopefully and if Aguero is fit I would give him and Gabby 45...
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    Sad Passing

    Peter Thompson, will be cremated at Fradley crematorium on the 4th December, I am sure anyone that knew him would be welcome. I just hope one stupidly ardent Blue has be born into this world since his death, I just want to keep the numbers even.

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