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    RIP Bill Lyons (@Bill, previously @de niro) update re funeral pg 51/JustGiving link p52

    Bill was a top top guy! First met him on a euro trip, maybe schalke. Absolutely gutted. Thoughts are with his family.
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    Stop The Talking

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    The National Trust

    I'm a member, again only for the free parking. A couple of the beaches I surf charge for parking, £5 a day or something, its much cheaper to become a member.
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    Champs League Draw

    I'm excited for the Champions League this year, I think we will not only get out the group stage but also get quite far in the knockout stage, could even win it! We have a great squad and when we are on it, we can beat anyone. Bring it on!!!
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    The Roberto Mancini appreciation thread

    Mancini wooah Mancini wooah, he came from Italy and won the Premier League!!!!
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    Do you think next season will be different?

    Oh well! Next year! I'm excited already.
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    Its on the Skysports website down the bottom of the article <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    I believe in Mancini.... Everyone makes mistakes but I truly believe this guy is a winner.
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    Michael Johnson.....

    Obviously a very troubled young man. Makes me genuinely sad to see pictures of this guy, gutted.
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    Norwich Vs City In Match Discussion Thread

    We have been fucked over big time, always the same...
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    New Toure song

    Fantastic song! Would sound amazing if it caught on and everyone was clapping along. Get it going!!!
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    Ireland: No Mancini grudge

    I don't know why he doesn't sack off the prem and go play in Spain or Italy, he would be loved out there and I think he would be much better suited to the continental game.
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    Real Madrid Vs Manchester City Post Match Thread

    I'm absolutely gutted, it felt similar to that game at the swamp when Owen scored in extra extra time. Oh well, onwards and upwards, they have to come to Eastlands! I won't be in attendance but I'm sure you guys will have the place rocking!! CTID!!!
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    Are the Welsh a drain on the UK?

    What a stupid thread, the original poster is a fucking moron, a drain on the human race.
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    iPhone 5!

    Everyone claims the IPhone to be the best phone out there, including gadget blogs world wide. I've been a Windows Phone user from day one, its fantastic! Really looking forward to Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920.
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    A blue in need of some help!

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.
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    iPhone 5!

    I had an IPhone 3G, I broke the screen two days in, gave it away. Its all about the Nokia Lumia's for me, well built phones with a great operating system, Windows Phone, nothing else on the market even gets close for me. IPhones are massively overrated.
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    A blue in need of some help!

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    A blue in need of some help!

    Cheers guys! cbeebies, there is big money in wedding videos! Stick with it, it will pay off. If you have any work to share with me I would love to see it.

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