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    Aguero/Fernandinho suspensions

    Ref played a massive part in today's kick off. Players were really frustrated. Fucxking stupid from Aguero can't except it not this early in the season. Its like they thought they'd lost the title today. Pep is right poor in both boxes need to improve. defence not existent and not clinical in...
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    Vincent Kompany - 2016/17 performances

    Shouldn't have played him for nearly the whole game. It's as if he wants him to get injured. Crazy
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    Kelechi Iheanacho - 2016/17 Performances

    I said behind the number 9 numpty
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    Kelechi Iheanacho - 2016/17 Performances

    I love this guy, very raw first touch lacking at time but that will come. For someone so young very composed and obviously has the gift of being a goal scorer. I don't pretend to know the guy but I fear we may have another Sturridge on our hands. If he gets to cocky (I don't know the lads...
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    Kelechi Iheanacho - 2016/17 Performances

    Meant to reply with quote been a long time since last on. Very rusty
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    Kelechi Iheanacho - 2016/17 Performances

    I don't think it is. Dzeko reminded me of Goater (tin hat firmly on) one minute shite the next brilliant. A goal would come off his left bollocks then fall over the next skin 2 men and top corner. Not always gracious but effective. The boy has time on his hands. But agree even though involved...
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    Claudio Bravo

    I'd say 1/2 years at tops as Pep has a 3 yr deal and we all want our long term #1in place before that contracts up.
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    Claudio Bravo

    It's a shame if Joe leaves completely but when your times up it up I've been a massive Hart fan but is below elite level for me. But would him to stay and fight for his position. But the manager of obviously thinks he's attitude had been wrong and he hasn't prepared for Peps arrival by the...
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    Last Film You Saw

    Kung Fu Panda 2 On laptop in Norway on holiday with my 4 yr old lad. And had to try and explain adoption.
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    HTC One M8 Downloading random images!!!!

    Long time no speak Bluemooners, Hope someone can help. Had a HTC One M8 for a while and it randomly downloads images from games like Top Eleven and sky sports news app etc etc into my gallery and i have to delete individually as its difficult to search for the photos i need. Anyone else had...
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    so this agenda thing.

    Eds not gonna be happy!!!
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    New Dzeko Song

    I don't admit to much but I started the original, shit but it was born at Aris away. Good times.
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    Any City fans in Kolimbia in Rhodes

    Going to the star bar to watch the match tonight if anyone is here. Spotted one blue so far but there are plenty of Germans as I've already had banter off a few as my 1 yr old has been sporting his City hat around the pool. Long shot but hope there's a few about tonight
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    City Fans V Bayern Fans

    German fans are brilliant on the terraces they will out sing us again IMO. went Aris home and away, even managed to get the away leg into my wedding speech last weekend as it was on Valentines day and the misses bought me an engraved hip flask to take on the trip. I knew then she was a keeper.
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    Missing the derby - Mallorca

    I'm getting married on the Saturday 21st so will be missing the game :( I know they have moved it to the Sunday but will still miss it!!!!!
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    BT Sport

    Just phoned BT and swapped my Virgin Phone and B/Band to BT Infinity hopefully done and dusted in 7 days. Plus it will be cheaper and extra channels result!!!
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    Summer clear out

    Thank god some of these tools aren't in control of buying and selling players
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    Should Roberto Mancini be sacked?

    Title and FA Cup every year as routine, fucking hell are you for real?
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    Should Roberto Mancini be sacked?

    Having said that he'll probably get sacked tomorrow.
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    Should Roberto Mancini be sacked?

    If I was asked this yesterday I would have probably clicked yes. Time for a change, freshen things up. But with hindsight and some cooling off time I voted no. Bad signings and a thin squad have been our failings plus strikers not hitting top form often enough. He deserves another season...

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