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    Biggest Dickhead in Football

    Souness or was
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    What are you drinking right now ??

    cherry coke
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    Micah Richards the pundit

    Can’t stick him stupid fake laugh class clown idiot
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    Pep's contract situation

    Whatever happens, it has been some hell of a ride and I for one didn’t expect it to last as long as it has.
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    What are you drinking right now ??

    Irn-Bru, glass bottle type don’t see many of them anymore Fridge is rammed full of Guinness for the trip tomorrow
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final?

    Coach from Middleton 6am
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    West Ham (H) Sun 19th May 16:00

    Would you swap for SSL2 mate?
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    Racehorses with City Names

    Really did think I’d get to see this triple crown in my lifetime mate and I thought this was the horse to do it. Something wasn’t right that race but to me, Aidan O’Brien is the “Pep” of horse trainers, as soon as it lost the gunnieas I went to 5 different bookmakers and laid off bets for it to...
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    West Ham (H) Sun 19th May 16:00

    Still hoping for a swap please guys, My SSL2 block 220 for anywhere level 1, family stand ideal, less walking and still on bloody crutches, lifts can be a joke too. Cheers blues
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    West Ham (H) Sun 19th May 16:00

    Have 1 in 220 South stand level 2 looking to swap for level 1, family stand would even do for this one, less walking on crutches the better can add to family and friends and exchange that way if you like cheers blues sorry its a swap and not a sale
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    FA Cup Final Tickets

    1 please Adult or Child not fussed but ideally anywhere level 1 thanks blues
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final?

    Excellent points mate. Good post
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    Hotels for the final

    I's love to drive just the one time down to Wembley, stay over wake up refreshed and drive home much quicker but I HATE how these places take the piss with price rises, I know its a business but just winds me up, I am far from a tight person but I refuse to have my pants pulled down due to the...
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    Direct debit not come out

    Legend!! I’ll get there on day with all this online stuff lol
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    Direct debit not come out

    I did think that mate making them 10 installments, must run from what? July-April? Does that sound about right buddy? And will resume the same? Thanks for the reply blue
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    Direct debit not come out

    Morning guys Just checked my online banking and the 3 season tickets we have hasn’t come out like they do religiously on the 1st of every month Also yesterday they didn’t show as pending as coming out either Error? Worth ringing up for 5 hours? Cheers fellas
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    How are you getting to the Cup Final?

    Same mate, terrific heading down there, few beers, great singing but coming back, even when we win its just totally different, wish I was one of them that could snooze all the way home, wake up and see the sign for our junction lol.
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    Last manager who City fans really wanted sacked

    Hughes lock thread lol
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    Nottingham Forest (A) - Sun 28th April, 16:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Kev the King show today guys...... 3-0 city

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