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    Wealdstone FC thread by request.

    Dulwich Hamlet !!!!<br /><br />-- Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:59 pm --<br /><br />Dulwich Hamlet !!!!
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    cup final day - london based blues

    Cheers for the votes of confidence, bashers can ........... Effra was great today, just like when we started at City Pride-about 15 of us but we can and will rebuild ! Cheap beer, for London, several BIG screens and dedicated garden tv ! Now cooking dinner for a moderator ! See you soon...
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    cup final day - london based blues

    Cheers Colin, I think ! Simon, that means a lot, thank you. Fair few of us go to Dulwich Hamlet fc when we can't get home in general. Sunday there will be Blues at The Effra, Brixton, short walk from staton/tube
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    Virgin media using my connection for next door help!

    We had that. TiVo and Internet was crap, engineer came out as we complained about connection, he checked outside for the feed and said that shouldn't happen (shared cable feed) and booked us an engineer to sort it. Never happened and Virgin denied any knowledge-when we were lucky enough to...
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    Things You Struggle To Buy Anymore......

    Bought some a couple of months ago
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    Is now the right time to buy a house?

    All depends on area, we've just renegotiated a fixed rate from 4.8 down 2.1% we have a 112,000 mortgage on a house worth £400.000 [2 bed Victorian Half House] we paid £294.000 4 years ago
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    Rodney Marsh and Tommy Booth/London Blues

    Hi all, Been talking to Rodney and he and Tommy are coming to Dulwich Hamlet FC on 3rd October. £20 on the night but this does include signed copy of Loose Cannons !!!! I know it's only for London Based Blues but if you are this way (or know someone who is) shout me.
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    Any Blues in the Bristol area?

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    Remembering my friend

    Re: Remembering my friend Miss Sue so much, I've no one to arrange "surprise" trips with my missus anymore. How the missis never twigged Sue and I set up these surprising trips is beyond me !
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    Muffin or Barm

    You are so deluded.
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    cup final day - london based blues

    Yes, you're correct-what an insignificant **** I am.
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    cup final day - london based blues

    Blue Anchor is CLOSED. Some of us are heading to the Albion, Ludgate Circus nr Blackfriars
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    Bluemoon twitter-watch

    Dan, add @StapletonNick (John Stapletons lad) he's been called in for the footie team (poor sod !!!)
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    cup final day - london based blues

    What if we can't simply fucking afford it ? Twat. Will stick my neck on the line here and say will be at The Albion, Ludgate Circus. Round the corner from The Anchor, corner of Fleet Street-Blackfriars
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    Going LTD from sole trader info please

    Are you in Peckham too?
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    debt advise

    I'd have a look on or go see CAB
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    cup final day - london based blues

    Win or draw tomorrow and their 1st league title in 35 years !! Can see a lot of our songs being sung !!! If they score maybe even a "Poznan" !!!!
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    cup final day - london based blues

    Going to check out Champions Hill Stadium, East Dulwich, tomorrow, watching City v WHU then Dulwich Hamlet FC v Burgess Hill FC, DHFC need just 1 point to win the Rymans Isthmian league ! Come down, would be great to see a load of City lads showing support. 5 mins from East Dulwich Station, 15...
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    ssafa-Commitment deserves Commitment

    cheers mate, now an administrator with them :-)

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