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    The goalkeeper situation

    That is something lesser teams might have to say. But we are not afraid of anyone, no matter who they have in their starting XI we will be the better side. Plus, Ortega at, for example, Newcastle, would make them a harder team to beat for all our closest rivals.
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    Prime Aguero or present Haaland

    Aguero, without doubt.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    But if only Ratcliffe offer each and everyone of them extensions to their contracts, with perhaps a tidy little raise, - I'm sure they'll all come good in a few years.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    In fairness, they are capable of having original ideas, as for example hacking other clubs scouting systems.
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    How's your mood after the RM game?

    I just spoke to a friend of mine, who is a RM fan, and he said " How the fuck did we get through that?", and I know the fans of the remaining CL teams will feel that winning the trophy is now a possibility, something they wouldn’t have felt if we were still in the competition. Their reasons...
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    Cole Palmer

    Tied #1 goal scorer (with Erling) and tied second for assists. Yeah he's had a pretty good season. I'm happy for him.
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 April '24

    So about Redknapp... does he have a problem with his eyes, or is he simply a drunk? He really looks like shit. Maybe this is not something new, but I rarely watch anything with him or any other pundits, but in the studio today it was quite clear he's not 100% healthy that lad. And of course, -...
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    Am I the only one who thinks this pass is completely ridiculous? Erling doesn't even look at Kevin, just runs and all the sudden there is the ball right in front of him. At 0:35.
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    Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

    "Nobody will ever forget this story," Jurgen Klopp apparently said. I'm sorry... but I follow football and think I'm relatively updated on things regarding what's going on. But what exactly is this "story" he refers to? I not only already managed to forget it, I wasn't even aware of it.
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    9 | Erling Haaland - 2023/24

    Not even 0,0001% worried about his form. He'll soon bang them in for fun again.
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    Kalvin Phillips

    Cheers Gabriel, The attitude toward him has changed drastically looking through that thread, quite understandingly.
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    Kalvin Phillips

    What do West Ham fans say about Kalvin? Can't be very flattering.
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    Kalvin Phillips

    Only if he drastically raises his game.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Klopp has been there what, - 10 years? Of those ten, - on how many occasions did his side finish above Pep and us? Was it just the Covid-season?
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Everton (10/02/24)

    Lets' be positive; things can only get better, and Calvin-Lewin is astoundingly poor.
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    Chelsea Thread - 2023/24 | Maresca to be appointed (pg284)

    Good for them, that might mean not getting totally annihilated.
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    Chelsea Thread - 2023/24 | Maresca to be appointed (pg284)

    I get the feeling no one at Chelsea really cares (maybe apart from Gallagher), including Pochettino.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    I can't understand those disillusioned types who claims Liverpool or Arsenal are as good as, or better than us, and are at east equal contenders for the title. Do they realize we have up until now, played without the best midfielder in the world, without the best striker in the world AND the...
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    Arsenal Thread - 2023/24

    At their 100% best, they're pretty close to our 75%.

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