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    City launch legal action against the Premier League

    Been checking the Times for Samuel's take and it was worth the wait. An excoriating article which lays bare the hypocrisy and double standards at play. It's the premier league who should be in the dock, not City. Oh wait!
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    Rishi Sunak

    Rishi's going down with a billion in the bank Etc
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    City launch legal action against the Premier League

    Oliver Brown and Sam Wallace leading the charge
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Agree with Mancboy completely. Oil is one of the most vital commodities on the planet. Without a healthy supply of oil Ratcliffe (and others) would not have been able to generate the vast wealth that has enabled them to buy into football clubs. To some extent the 'dirty oil money' concept may...
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    Champions League - 2024/25

    Yep, that looks about right. 'O' level mathematics grade 5 pass duly rescinded!
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    Champions League - 2024/25

    Tried to add up the total number of extra games in the whole tournament leading to the last 16 round. Under the existing system 32 teams played 6 games = 192 games. For the new format that will rise to 304 games. So 112 extra games, and quite a lot of extra revenue! (P.S. 'O' level mathematics...
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    Premier League Domination; Boring Title Race? The Facts

    If you add in all league titles, 1968 wasn't exactly a yawn fest either
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    Arsenal's Ultras Get Their Timing Wrong

    Think it will be cubes of tofu mate
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    Spurs (A) - Tues 14th May, 20:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Echoes of Everton away 2014. The atmosphere in Goodison was weird as them winning was going to gift it to Liverpool. Spurs on Tuesday might be similarly odd.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Great call pal!
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    Crystal Palace (A) - Sat 6th April, 12:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Any suggestions for pubs in central Vienna to watch the match? I’ve got Flanagans and Shebeen so far PS Bluemoon trumps google for this sort of thing
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Continuing your Dickensian theme, I raise you Hard Times "Who can look on’t sir, and fairly tell a man ‘tis not a muddle?"
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    Congratulations Stefan Ortega

    Congratulations indeed! And what a stunning photo that is.
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    United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    I think it would be hilarious if 'they' qualified for the Europa Conference League
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Not saying it'll happen for a 4th time, but it's very pleasing to let them believe they're going to win it and then shatter them on the last day of the season
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    Bournemouth (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    But nervy towards the end.
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    Welcome Claudio Echeverri

    Nickname El Diablito apparently.
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    Manchester City 2nd Deloitte Football Money League for 2022/23 (pg16)

    Or as Sky would have it, we've been 'toppled', like we've missed out on a 6th trophy or something. Better get used to the return of mediocrity
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    Heat Pump

    The presence of cavity wall insulation is indicated by small drill holes around the external walls of a house, which have been sealed.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    you knew all along didn’t you?

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