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    Pep Guardiola - 2023/24

    Total Muppet. Pep plays a brand of football other managers aspire to; and look in envy at. They mocked that his brand of football wouldn't cut it in in the Premier League, he couldn't win the Champions league without Messi, and City have just bought success. You can't kid a kidder kid
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    FA Cup Final Tickets

    Looking for three tickets if anyone can help, they don't necessarily have to be together, but helpful if they are. Thanks all
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    Spurs (a)

    Still looking for one or preferably two tickets please lads if anyone can help out. Cheers blues
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    Fulham (a)

    Still after one or two please lads if anyone has spares or can't make it. Cheers boys
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    Spurs (a)

    Looking for one or two please boys if anyone can't make it. Cheers guys
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    Spurs (a)

    Looking for one or two tickets please guys if anyone has any spares. Cheers
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    Forest Away

    Still looking for one or two if anyone can help. Cheers all.
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    Forest Away

    Good evening everyone, It's a long shot I know but I'm looking for two tickets if anyone has spares or can't make it now. Cheers all.
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    Villa (A) - 6 Dec 2023

    Looking for one or two please lads if anyone has spares. Cheers all
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    Chelsea (A) - 12 Nov 2023

    Looking for two please if anyone can't go now, or anyone has spares. Can meet at the ground. Cheers lads
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    Fulham at Home Tickets

    I've got one in SS 115 if you're interested PM me need to go via friends and family
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    Wembley by road (& tube)

    Are the tubes actually working on the 3rd ? I was under the impression,maybe wrongly, that hey also are part of the Unions that are on strike?
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    FA Cup Final ticket requests

    Looking for one for my son if anyone can help please
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    Chelsea (H) Last home game of the season

    Still looking for 1 or 2 tickets please guys
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    Madrid (h) requests

    If anyone can't make it last minute, or has a spare. I'd love for my Grandson 18 to be able to come.
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    Fulham (a)

    Hi all After 2 if anyone has any spares please Cheers
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    Arsenal Home 26/04/23

    Still looking for one if anyone can't make it or has a spare tucked away.

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