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    RIP Bill Lyons (@Bill, previously @de niro) update re funeral pg 51/JustGiving link p52

    Great to see a few familiar faces, for a great man. Also good to know that you can say “TWAT!” as part of the service. One of many smile raised listening to all the stories.
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    RIP Bill Lyons (@Bill, previously @de niro) update re funeral pg 51/JustGiving link p52

    A wonderful man, lots of great memories Larger than life, always positive, always had a funny/cutting retort on hand. Helped me get my Dad a few tickets back in the day too… In the words of someone who knows well; “What a fucking brilliant man”.
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    Missing mooners

    Been a while since we saw ROBL250… and his hooded jacket come to think of it.
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    Spurs away

    Manchester of course ;)
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    Spurs away

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    Steve Boardman (Why Always Ste)

    Just heard the news, i remember when he was involved in the early stages of one of the fans group (1894?) and he spoke with such enthusiasm about what he wanted to do and his ideas for creating a better/different atmosphere. RIP Ste.
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    Fantasy Football League

    He's a defensive mid who doesn't score and rarely assists, he's probably over priced for the lack of points he'll get. P.S have the league codes been removed?
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    EU referendum

    You've repeated this point on numerous occasions within the last few posts, 1632. Everyone has heard it loud and clear.
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    EU referendum

    Started off (selfishly) wanting to vote out. We're one of the 'bigger' players in the EU, which logically (in my head) means we'll be asked to input more than others to help the whole. We're also a small island, especially in terms of landmass and out infrastructure feels generally quite poor...
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    Pellegrini opens up about City

    I can't see how anyone watching us since Xmas 2013 can legitimately defend him and assume that because he dead-batted the media's thirst for 'stories' and refused to go around bad mouthing his peers, people are labelling it as 'class' and are therefore allowing more leniency in their judgement...
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    The are we allowed the "it's quiet" thread yet? thread.

    Hasn't Pogba already said he wants to stay at Juve next season? Fool me once... etc so i won't be hanging on him joining this season, giving the last two summers. This is the first time post takeover we've had a genuinely top draw manager, i'm looking forward to a relaxing summer - i just hope...
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    Haha, hope you're well sir!
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    Slow day?
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    Seasoncard Renewal thread 2016/17 - Prices Frozen

    Wondered why I hadn't seen you this season, hope all's well mate.
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    "We play for you."

    I'd just like one change... ...Replace Sterling with Yaya for the "We sprint..." line. :)
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    Booing former players

    Milner ran his contract down, moved with a nice fat signing on fee and then trawled out all the cliche Liverpool bingo buzz words. His celebration last night was a joke: "I want to challenge for trophies" - You lost your cup final and you're at a mid table team "I want to play in the middle" -...
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    Tackling the issue!? Are we getting a raw deal from the referees?

    If nothing else, the OP needs commending. Fantastic effort.
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    Some interesting stats about the way we play

    Agree, frustrating that we've become so predictable that we all could likely name the team and the manner in which the game will play out.
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    Match Thread | Stoke City vs Manchester City (05/12/15)

    The back four isn't shit. Our manager's ability to analyse opponents and set us up accordingly, is. We've given all our managers time, this one is again into his third season. He's blatantly not good enough... we treaded water with him last year whilst we fluttered our eyelashes at Pep, lets...

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