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    Micah Richards the pundit

    Some serious hate for micah... I wonder why so many people are triggered lol
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    Is there a red shirt cartel or are we just deluded?

    It all stems from the g14 cartel which was a very real entity
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    That's quite a conclusion to jump to about middle east geo politics... Talk about profiling lol. America/Europe is complicit with Israel and is in no way attempting to fix the issue. Get your head out of the gutter press and wake up!
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    DJ / PJ Audits

    He is a nasty piece of work
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    "Stop the Boats"

    This thread belongs in the gutter
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    The guy is fucking thick haha
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    Paqueta Charged By The FA.

    Is it true that the Brazilian company he placed the bet with is owned by Betway which is the west ham sponsor ? If true, it's too fishy not to be a set up of some sort. I really do believe the influence of betting companies at all levels of football is far too much. That's where the real...
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    Bruno Guimaraes

    What a fraud sack him
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    Who’s your favourite city player in current squad and same question 7-8 years ago

    Rodri now Dinho/kompany before that Dunniemonster before that
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    Petition to attack towards The South Stand 2nd half.

    Apparently they prefer attacking us first half as they can gain an advantage early.
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    31 | Ederson - 2023/24

    Put him on fucking pens and free kicks end of
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    Never get why blue moon fizzles out after the second 'blue moon' haha would love to sing a few verses of it
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    Cannabutter , how do you make yours ?

    I mixed 75 grams of dried, ground flower in with 2litres of coconut oil. Remember to decarboxylate the bud first. Can do this in the oven easily. Then stew with coconut oil for about 4 hours and strain through a cheese cloth. It's killer. Half a tsp will make you sleep for 12 hours.
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    27 | Matheus Nunes - 2023/24

    I think hes got a decent eye for a cross/cut back and a 3rd man run like gundob
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    Jamal Musiala

    What about haaland?
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    Bob Dylan

    Prefer bob vylan tbh
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    Atmosphere picked up second half. I do wonder why the most the ground bothers attending as it always feels like it's just the south stand and kippax corner who make any noise
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    Has social media made the UK more right wing?

    There's probably something in this I think social media isn't inherently right wing but the right have the money to target advertising on all sites. Also their rhetoric is much easier to package into short posts and appeals to peoples sense of alienation thst we all seemingly face in this modern...
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    Liverpool (A) - Sun 10th Mar, 15:45 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Anyone know where's good to watch it in town? Preferably with no Liverpool fans haha
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    Where do we start

    Agree but shame neither party is standing on a platform to do this. Both want an American style system and are running the NHS into the ground. Wes steering is possibly even more right wing than a Tory health minister

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