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    Any Rags in your?

    3 cousins, an uncle by marriage and my cousins boyfriend.
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    QPR Away

    Walkabout it is then! Can't wait. The next 3 days at work will drag =(
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    My last game today

    Take care shippers! Stay safe...and enjoy the runs ashore!
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    He's amazing <3 The lady who is destined to have his child sometime in the future will be like the virgin mary to city fans! lmao
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    My best friend told me the WORST story i have ever heard about KFC...i'll never eat there now...basically they use chicken brain and spine...and i have picture evidence! Mcdonalds is also awful....i'll only eat Burger King and Subway.
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    We cant all be there

    At home with the old man watching on Sky! I did consider the pub...but it'll be crawling with rags and I couldn't take the goading if we lose.
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    The weekend is here...

    I'd say victory beer is a safe bet! Might get some 'Blue Moon' beer in myself lol! Oh I can quite believe it, one of my best friends is Argentinian, she actually looks a bit like our Sergio's wife! So i'm sure you've done well ;) I'm also going to see if I can get hold of that Tequila you...
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    I hate the derby

    Probably gonna be shitting myself so much that I won't be able to eat the full english my mam does me in the morning. I do think we're gonna do them, just nervous..there's always that niggling doubt
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    Mancini flag/banner?

    It should say Forza Don Mancini....and then have a Don Corleone style pic..with the colours of the Italian flag worked in somwhere.
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    FA Cup 3rd round, who do you want?

    Well i'm in Hampshire, but my best friend lives near Luton/watford!
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    The weekend is here...

    Half cut on tequila i hope!? Well done on trapping a Latina too ;) hahaa
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    FA Cup 3rd round, who do you want?

    Southampton,Luton or watford away! Are Luton and Watford still in actually...?
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    The weekend is here...

    Hence why you should have a drink the night whiskey! Irish of course...none of that scottish shite ;) And that's dedication grandsolo!<br /><br />-- Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:51 pm --<br /><br /> That's part of the reason i'm not going to the pub..we lost last time i did! However last...
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    The weekend is here...

    Well's here.. half 4 on a friday..we've all either finished work or will be within the next hour (rags will have been to claim their benefits) . So my question to you what are your plans for Sunday? Are you one of the lucky few to have got a ticket? Watching in the pub? City...
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    Team against United

    Re: United Vs City Pre Match discussion Thread Hart Richards Kompany Lescott Clichy De Jong Milner Silva Nasri Aguero Balotelli We'll win 2-0 Balotelli and either Silva or Nasri will score!
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    From the picture this person a prick?

    Agree. Personally I Like men to look like men!
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    From the picture this person a prick?

    Burping the alphabet would probably sound better too! lol!
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    From the picture this person a prick?

    I love you all. Nothing better than hearing proper, football loving men slagging a prick like this off! If he is allowed to murder a great song for another week...there is something wrong with this nation

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