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    Champions League Final Thread

    Pogba is a promising young player and that is it ... I would bracket him in the 'potential' category , therefore fair value 25-30 mil , no more . He doesn't have the vision , passing or game-changing threat for anything more . He's basically a rough diamond like Mangala ....
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    Player thread: James Milner (2014/15)

    He can now be lumped in with Sturridge on the ' Greedy bastards ' chant ... Two greedy bastards , there's only two greedy bastards .... This decision goes totally against the grain from what most ambitious professional footballers usually preach . The mantra is always about ' winning silverware...
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    The FA Cup Final thread Starring Villa V Arsenal.

    Sherwood is the new 'Arry Redknapp ... No tactics , no structure , no gameplan .....just a motivator who gee's players up and lets them go out and do their own thing ...
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    Player thread: Fernando (2014/15)

    The worrying thing is he was apparently bought with the Champions League in mind as this type of game was supposedly his speciality and then he goes and turns in one of the worst performances l have ever witnessed from a City player in a long time . Comparable to the dross served up by some of...
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    Player thread: Fernando (2014/15)

    Earlier in the thread someone compared him to a traffic cone . l think this is being harsh on the traffic cone . At least a traffic cone would get in the way sometime . This clown would purposefully move out of the way .
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    Player thread: Fernando (2014/15)

    What attributes has he actually got ? None from what l can see . He doesn't tackle , he doesn't screen the back four , his first touch is poor and his passing in both weight and selection is terrible . He just aimlessly jogs around hoping to avoid any responsibility and influence on the game...
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    Player thread: Fernando (2014/15)

    Fernando was so out of his depth and off the pace it was painful to watch . He contributed nothing and spent the game hiding and shirking any responsibility whatsoever . When his name appeared on the teamsheet it was always going to end badly . No redeeming features at all . He's not Premier...
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    Media bias against City

    He's not even the most famous Mcgarry ....that's ......Pc Mcgarry No 452 ......
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    City v Sunderland Pre Match thread

    Boyata has ability and potential in abundance . The only thing holding him back is that he seems to lack confidence . He needs support and encouragement to build that confidence . We always seem to have an element amongst our support who are quick to slag off our own .
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    City Live (intro video added page 15)

    Re: City Live Which ones Moonchester ? Look like triplets to me .... 'saying ....
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    Discuss Pellegrini...(cont)

    Throughout his tenure Pellegrini has shown very little tactical acumen or nous . He has basically picked a starting eleven and allowed them to attempt to express themselves and get on with it . Considering we have a lot of talented players we usually win through sheer ability alone . But in...
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    Discuss Pellegrini...

    Well he obviously can't fire a team up so the obvious conclusion is he lacks passion and the ability to instil passion ... We were second best in every department and lucky to scrape a draw ...
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    Discuss Pellegrini...

    lt was like watching the Wigan FA Cup game , being outplayed by a group of far inferior players who were hungrier , more motivated and set-up better ... Our team reflected our managers persona ...casual , laid-back , passive , lacking desire and aggression ...basically , they wanted it more ...
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    Martin Demichelis (continued)

    Always been a fan of MDM , an absolute Rolls Royce of a player ... He has been left woefully exposed at times due to his teammates ... You don't play at Bayern for 7 years and be worshipped without being top drawer ...
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    Discuss Pellegrini...

    Seems incapable of seeing the bigger picture ... Same as our home game against Chelsea , this wasn't a must win game , it was a must not lose game ... So , what do we do ...go kamikaze and bust a gut to win it and leave ourselves exposed when a point at a passionate , fired-up Anfield would...
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    Micah Richards (2014/15)

    Re: Micah Richards That pic is damning ... Richards actions can be seen to be ....reckless , unnecessary , off the ground flying in , totally out of control , a fucking injury inducing kamikaze challenge if ever there was one the talismanic skipper on the eve of the biggest game of the...
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    The cool cats

    To put the empties cans and bottles in mate and drop them off at the recycling centre on the way home , lol .... Not for robbed swag or owt like that , all good boys ....
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    Player thread: Pablo Zabaleta (2014/15)

    Re: Pablo Zabaleta Appreciation Thread Zab's like one of us running round with the jersey on he's miles better ....and hard as fucking nails which helps ...Outstanding !
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    Fernandinho (continued)

    Yes , correct , good , very good , spot on .... Forget Pogba , always going to PSG , this is the deal to concentrate on it sneaky , do it quick ....switch-on now ....
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    Sheikh Mansour went ....

    Sheikh Mansour went to Spain On a Lambretta , Bought us back a warrior Pablo Zabaleta

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