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    Guess Team/Score Comp - Session 5 Match 6 - Stoke City H

    In kbb's seeming absence, team selections and predictions in here please.
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    New Predictions Website

    A mate of mine has developed a predictions website, where you predict the Premier League results (as opposed to scores). The scoring for this is "odds based", which is described below. Essentially it's an attempt to reward people who correctly predict unusual results more than those who predict...
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    The one we've all been waiting for, City's new Tyre partner is here! New partnership deal announced with Nexen Tyres, South Korea's main tyre provider! Apparently taking on the naming rights for the bridge between the Etihad and the Academy, bit strange that one as...
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    Poyet Charged by FA, Bruce "warned"! In a typically farcical decision by the FA, Gus Poyet has been charged for kicking over some water bottles, whereas Bruce has been "reminded of his responsibilities" for having to be forceable restrained to prevent him physically assaulting the...
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    Offended by Proxy, is it an acceptable reaction?

    Articel on the BBC Website:- This is in no way an attempt to defend the chanting by the West Ham fans, which clearly is abhorrent. However, in the main, for the point I'm making, the actual specifics of what was said, and by whom, is irrelevant. The bit that concerns me is highlighted in bold...
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    Carrington - Leased to Bury for 5 years Huge improvement for Bury in terms of their training facilities.
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    Stamp Duty Change!

    Would you believe it, a government change that actually benefits me?!! As of midnight tonight stamp duty is changing, you now pay nothing on the first £125k, but 2% on any extra between £125k and £250k. So, for example, if you buy a £150k house, under the old scheme you paid 1% of the £150k...
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    City sign England International midfielder
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    What a surprise, Sepp Blatter is a liar. Seems, despite saying in 2011 (when he was elected in a 1 horse race) that he would not seek re-election in 2015, Blatter has now decided his "mission" (presumably to make more money and cling on to power until he dies in office) is not complete...
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    Australia join Brazil and Japan at World Cup 2014

    Australia beat Iraq 1-0 today to become the third side now confirmed as qualified for the World Cup Finals in Brazil 2014.
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    Europa League Winner to get Champion's League Spot? Seems UEFA are to decide tomorrow whether the Europe League Winner will be rewarded with a place in the following season's Champion's League. In my opinion this would be an overdue and correct move by UEFA. It will raise the interest and affort...
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    Scottish Football rejects major overhaul.

    With an 11-1 majority vote required of the SPL clubs for the "new" proposed structure of Scottish football to be passed for next season the proposals have been rejected after St Mirren and Ross County voted against it. In summary (by the BBC) here's what the proposals were for:- So, where...
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    Another shooting in america

    Another massacre in the US How many more before gun ownership is addressed?
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    Bradley Wiggins injured in crash

    There's a rumour that Wiggins was knocked off his bike in Bolton today by a white van pulling off a petrol station forecourt. Numerous broken ribs as well as wrist and hand injuries, currently in hospital.
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    The US Presidential Election 2012

    Given the topics of conversation in The Cellar, X Factor, Derren Brown, ex-girlfriends, music etc I suppose something as potentially important as the next leader of America is easy to forget about! With tomorrow being election day by this time on Wednesday we may well have a new president, or...
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    Bernstein's days as FA Chairman numbered...

    David Bernstein's time as FA Chairman is coming to an end, even before his 3 year term has run. Bernstein was given a 3 year term as FA Chairman in January 2011, however the FA's own rules mean he is not allowed to be Chairman past his 70th birthday, which is in May 2013. The FA Board applied to...
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    Ridiculous UEFA punishment for Bendtner

    Apparently he's been fined 100,000 Euros and banned for one international match for showing underwear with a non-official sponsor on them whilst scoring at the Euro's. Nice to see UEFA's priorities regarding what is really wrong in football are spot on, especially given the recent £45k fine...
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    Europa League Qualifying Question

    Ok, so Liverpool have won the Carling Cup, and as such have qualified for next seasons Europa League. However, I have a question:- Assuming Liverpool also win the FA Cup (not out of the question given City, United and Arsenal have all been knocked out already) and that they fail to make the top...
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    Platini backs Winter World Cup in Qatar 2022 I may be wrong here but I'd suggest Platini and UEFA have no real say in when La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga or The Premiership schedule their matches. Scudamore and, more importantly, the chairmen and owners, of Premiership clubs would...
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    Champion's League Group H

    A Club by Club Assessment Group H Barcelona – The reigning Champion’s League holders, the Spanish League holders and the team recognised as the best in Europe, and potentially the best club side there has ever been. The attacking options at their disposal, Villa, Pedro, Iniesta, Messi, Sanchez...