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    United thread 2019/20

    When my dad first started taking me to Fulham (these days, that'd be classed as child abuse), I had to stand on a wooden stool to be able to see. I was about 5, and it was end of the Johnny Haynes era, and we were still in the top division. About 3 years later, we were in the 3rd division, and...
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    United thread 2019/20

    My issue is they haven't thought it through with respect to logistics. When a set of supporters chant: "Stand up, if you hate XYZ' what are you supposed to do; sit down instead....on the terrace steps? Piss poor.
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    Tips re-opening

    There's got to be some gag about women's lib / burning braziers in there, but obviously I'm way above that sort of humour.
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    Spurs thread 2019/20

    I hope I'm not taking too much of a pivot with this thread, but I have a few observations about how footie is treated by the meedja generally. Case in point: why do they always quote footie salaries as weekly, e.g. "XYZ player gets £200,000 per week". When did we ALL stop getting paid...
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    So funny, slippy waving the cameras away right at the end....when he spent so much time that season Hollywood-ing for them. Luis the teeth didn't appreciate him almost exposing the fact that he wasn't crying at all (maybe for his win bonus). "We go again"...and again, and again, and again. LOL.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Male privilege.
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    (A-Z Artist or Band Name) Now Indexed

    "Some of us do more than dream". You certainly did, George. Rest in Peace, Maestro.
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    How would you like the season to be decided?

    Anyone remember when Colin Wanchor (no relation to me), tried to get a game abandoned (or did he achieve it?), on the rule that you have to have a minimum number of players to complete a match? If memory serves, one of his charming teams had 3 sent off in a game, so he urged one or two more to...
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    Wolves thread 2019/20

    From a legal perspective, how is anyone able to see evidence before a case is heard? Wouldn't that prejudice the case? Clubs at this point are like a bucket of worms: squirming to get over each other.
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    Wolves thread 2019/20

    That stinks from the club itself. What about innocent until proven otherwise? Nah, stick the boot in now. Asking the clubs who have a huge vested interest in seeing you turfed out - yeah, very scientific. Football makes me puke. I hope many more wise up to the gift it has become.
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Nice for your Mrs though.
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    Kitson attempting to oust Taylor at PFA

    If you tap the word "seedy" into a Google Images search, you'll get 12 million matches for this picture.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Obviously too much time on his hands: remember when pro footballers used all that spare time for harmless things, like doing their beans at the bookies or a spot of dogging?
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    How would you like the season to be decided?

    Are you saying play all the games at Yeovil?
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    How would you like the season to be decided?

    How would those good folk at Candlefield feel if their quest for their first European Cup was sabotaged by playing all those Prem games squashed together (and knowing it'd only be for the benefit of their arch rivals to clinch the league)??
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    Ronald Koeman

    I'm sure even Graham ("Do I not like this post?") Taylor would wish him well. All the best, Ron.
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    Cycling Advice

    My best advice is ride defensively. I used to bike a lot when I was younger, not so much anymore - I drive 99% of the time. When I resumed occasional cycling (on a flash ladies' bike that was left outside a posh London home with 'FREE' on I was very jammy there), I was shocked at how...
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    How would you like the season to be decided?

    Yep. And once the dippers have their 6 points (by beating teams who might be more interested in checking their Whatsapp than competing in a game), they too won't try. And, as been said before, they will then rest their 1st team for next them yet another unfair advantage. Plus...
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    How would you like the season to be decided?

    Just read on the BBC (yeah, I know) that clubs could be open to finishing the season if relegation isn't at stake. WTF? So you'll have clubs playing games who have nothing to play reason to try. How much more ridiculous can all this get?