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    City Surveys...

    Is there any way to switch them off? All they ask about is "Do you like the podcasts?" I don't value the opinion of my brother when it comes to City so why should I care about some fuckwit trying to tell me what I've already seen. I know I can switch the whole thing off in the preference...
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    City! a Granada documentary

    I didn't even know this existed until I read the top 50 sport movie recommendations on the BBC. 6 episodes on You Tube and the memories came flooding back. A good way to use an hour
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    Official POY vote

    2400+ votes for Mahrez !!! Worse than Trump getting in. ..
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    Leicester (league a) & Southampton (a) ticket info

    Tickets go on sale today... If anyone k ows how to copy the criteria on the club site please do
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    Oxford (a) - Sold Out

    Ticket's go on sale Wednesday 12/09. Told by ticket office criteria out Monday at the latest
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    Burnley (A)

    Missed this.... Went on sale last week. Anyone with 17750+ can get their ticket now. Does anyone know if you get ticket criteria announcements sent to you if you have the City App?
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    Champions League 2017/18

    With the latest UEFA club co-efficient out I can see the reported pot2 for us but scum look like dropping into pot3 for a group of death unless I'm missing something not the guaranteed pot2 as reported by sky. Pot 1 Real Juventus Chelsea Bayern Benfica Monaco Moscow Donetsk Pot 2 City...
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    'Fanatics' seasoncard

    Apparently we're FANATICS SEASON TICKET holders now according to my Friends and Family List. Anybody have a clue what this marketing cr*p is all about?
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    Beautiful on the pitch.. Uglier by the day off it?

    A whinge or is it really getting worse? No ticket for Spurs, well unless I wanted to listen to the likes of Marwood pontificating at City in the City, so Women's Cup Final for me and the kids. Regular visitors to the CFA as my lad, despite being a season ticket holder, likes the "little ground"...
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    Stoke away criteria announced

    Welcome to the £30 world Got announcement through News Now From Wednesday 20th for those with 17500 points
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    Crystal Palace away

    Here's the criteria: Crystal Palace v Manchester City Saturday 12 September 2015 Kick off – 3pm The Club has received an allocation of 2,900 tickets priced as follows: £40.00 Adults £26.00 Over 65s £26.00 18-21yrs £20.00 Under 18s £21.00 Wheelchair / Walking Ambulant plus free carer...
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    Help!! I'm in a quandary with the spirit of Christmas

    Fellow Blues I need your help. Christmas is almost upon us and goodwill to our fellow man is growing. Today I got home from work to find and Air Mail package from GuangDong, China had been wedged through my letter box. Not ordered anything so maybe it was a present from Santa. The address was...
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    Goalkeeper saves all 5 penalties

    If someone can post this, it's on you tube 'top soccer shootout ever studio C' would you laugh if we won the FA Cup / Champions League like this in front of millions on TV.
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    CSKA & Munich at home

    All on open sale now. If you're planning on travelling to either of these book early for cheap travel. Good move this year by the club.
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    Damien Duff to Melbourne City

    Announced on his website today, and joins 4 recent signings of young prospects. Bottom of the league, they only way is up. Melbourne can be our 1999 team to bring us down to earth.
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    17/05 sold

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    Ultimate Fan Experience, is it really?

    Would you consider a tour of the stadium, watching a training session, meeting a few players and the West Brom game the "ULTIMATE" city fan experience. If you don't, what is?
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    No Charity Shield so back to the glamour friendly?

    Do we want a glamour game as the last pre-season game? If so who?
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    Attaching images from a PC

    How do I add an attachment from my pc to a reply? Do I need permission from the Administrators?