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    Welcome Pablo Moreno

    no, the new Samaras.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Exactly, although not sure which is worse listening to cretins like him or to seasoned pros like Plug,Keane,Savage,Spit,Owen, DFMills, McPointalot etc. I'm just thankful I have the NBC team to listen to.
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    Core of the team.

    TBF you can't fault Zinchenko, he's done a decent job recently and is part of the leagues best defence. But you're right we probably need a better for the future.
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    Core of the team.

    Dilemma isn't it ? No Sergio ? I have to say the false 9 has worked on a few occasions in big games. But to leave a fit and firing Aguero out ? I'm not so sure about that. Great team otherwise.
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    Cheltenham Town (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Just re-watched the the BT highlights. Despite the gulf in class on paper it can't have been easy for the lads. Cheltenham were playing like it was their last game ever. They gave everything. That goal line clearance from mendy was sensational. Thought Phil was great throughout with some superb...
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    Match Thread | Cheltenham vs Man City (23/101/21)

    This is exactly why i post such shit before hand. So its sparks them into life. Well done City, you got yourselves out of trouble but bloody hell you left it late.
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    Match Thread | Cheltenham vs Man City (23/101/21)

    It's panic now. You rarely score when its panic football.
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    Match Thread | Cheltenham vs Man City (23/101/21)

    This always had a shock written all over it. You would think we have enough talent to beat them. They will not let this lead go. This is the biggest moment of their lives. Its appalling really but I can live with this. I've been there with Halifax and Shrewsbury its nothing new to me.
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    Cheltenham Town (A) - Virtual Tickets

    A surprise to see they were founded just a few years later than us but in name BEFORE us. Then again I bet there's a few small village/town teams that are still going on at an amateur level that are just as old as us.
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    Injury Updates | De Bruyne out for 4-6 weeks

    It's a huge loss for us as we've' lost one our leaders. Fortunately, we have a coach who somehow manages to play a team and system that gets us through these injuries. Kev is world class and our modern day Colin Bell. I can't wait to see him back.
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    Injury Updates | De Bruyne out for 4-6 weeks

    Kevs probably been in that supposed "red zone" for a while now and it was gonna happen eventually. That was an incredibly intense game against Villa, in the rain where the players are over stretching muscles on the slick surface. Kev is one of those players that gives 100% right to the last...
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    Hooliganism and Violence Maine Road 80's/early 90's

    Good lord, sounds like nothing was going to stop him enjoying a good old scrap. Bet he has a good laugh and a shake of the head thinking about that today.
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Mr Whippy.....99 flake.....take a bow. Well done, looking forward to the next one.
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Really good post that. You hit ours and Villas plus points on the head. It was a wonderful game to watch, open, attack minded and brilliant defensive displays from both teams. Yes, we definitely need to keep an eye on Grealish if theres any chance we could get him.
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Superb player IMO, but has a little nasty streak unfortunately. Would love to see him and Kev in the middle of the park for us.
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Anyone else think Grealish although a brilliant player has a nasty streak in him ? I suppose all great players do. Just hope he hadn’t hurt Kev too bad with that extra little bit on the follow through.
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    What was the terrace fashion on the Kippax in the 1980's?

    Great photo. The Chelsea banner gives it away though.
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    Happy 50th birthday to Pep Guardiola

    Happy Birthday Pep, all the best mate.
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    Best Goal 'non celebration'

    Fantastic from Mario but that would've been disallowed by Var. No way would they allow him to take the piss.
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