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    Israel kamakawiwo Ole

    happy birthday in heaven big man. just a legend .
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    BT virus

    forom un usuable.
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    United away

    Sold out.
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    Madrid away.

    Will open at the appropriate time.
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    65 today

    So i am allowed to be grumpy. All you dippers and rags pretending to be blues had better watch out. I'm miffed and happy in equal measure. City should reduce my DD for my season card now I'm an OAP. I dont yet get my pension . I have an incredible family. I was born blue. Everything else...
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    Sheffield United away

    Will open this at appropriate time.
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    Villa away

    Will open this at all time.
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    Oxford away. SOLD OUT.

    Will be open at the appropriate time.
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    The "let's talk" thread

    As suggested here is a thread for you to talk, who ever you are. Its about you. Say,ask,rant unload about anything worrying you. Pm me, any mod,any member, all are welcome, even scouse. There are people on here with profound knowledge, people with unbelievable life skills who have been there...
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    Burnley away

    Will open at appropriate time.
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    Stoke sack Jones.

    Had to happen but look what a scouse **** has posted in the bbc comments. Thick arrogant twat. 213. Posted bySoccer_mane on2 hours ago I forgot Stoke existed. Totally irrelevant football club with no history. The day they got relegated the PL could breath a little easy. Rugby side tactics...
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    BT phone help

    One of my land lines at work is out of order. Anyone Tameside area on here that could fix it? Cheers. Please pm or bell me.
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    Paolo Atalanta

    Hello Bill, it's Paolo from Italy an Atalanta Bergamo Fan. I just subscribed your forum and before posting i'd like to ask if possible and get your authorisation to post as I don't want to break any rule and respect all members. As you surely know, Atalanta is due to play in champions league on...
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    Everton away

    Ok once again for the not so bright. We have rules for selling and requesting away tickets. Read them where is says "please read" For now I'll lock this and open when sold out.
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    Preston tickets

    Will open this at appropriate time.
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    Norwich away tickets.

    On sale any day now. Will open this when sold out.
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    Northern Ireland.

    just had a short break there, 5 days. always wanted to go but moreso as the Giants Causeway was on my bucket list. what a fantastic country it is. stunning scenery, great people and lots of good food to be had. after the causeway was done we called at Dunluce Castle, the rope bridge at...
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    Riyad Mahrez - 2019/20 Performances

    Big season coming up for him. work to do for me. couldn't understand the purchase but I think Pep knew Leroy was unhappy and could be off.
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    photo with the trophies

    Manchester town hall hosting a photo event with our trophies , get down and get pics. its free.
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    Had this sent to me

    Hi Bill, Apologies for messaging you out of the blue! I was wondering if you could help me share an opportunity for City fans. I work for a production company called RD Content that is making a top secret video for City and Etihad. We're looking for true city fans to take part in a special...