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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    White’s tap in yesterday was one!
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Sorry, I don’t think my post was “begging for SH to be removed from the side”. I was merely starting a debate about planning for the future. Maybe you should re read my post. If you still believe what you wrote,well we will have to leave it there.
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Who will be available for the game v Chelsea on Wednesday? Seems strange that the Rags could play their US players but we could not and there were quite a few regular first team players missing. Does anyone know why? Now, a comment which might cause debate- I am getting the feeling that time is...
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    Fernandinho contract situation

    Agree. 110%
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    Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread

    At this rate we won’t make top half. The match v Spurs was just poor. Of course we can keep possession as the opposition don’t want it. They are quite happy to let us pass the ball to each other knowing that we have no end product. They just wait till we are all upfield with our back four high...
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Agree 100% No more to be said,
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Weir and Bonner seem to be out of favour. I hope that I am wrong but the left (back 4 and midfield) seem to be the week links and of course putting the ball in the net!
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Helen White-How do you miss them? Bristol City are a very poor side. City are just poor and will only have themselves to blame if 3 points are not won. Management is also poor and the Derby will be an embarrassment if nothing is done.
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Yes, that was indeed a penalty
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    We need a goal SO we take off both our centre forwards! Great manager thinking!
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    Match Thread | West Ham vs Man City (24/10/20)

    Agree- 3 passes all to opposition players. Gundogan 2 passes both backwards.
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Come on city, do something really brave. Sack the manager at half time or we will be lucky to finish in the top half and the best players will leave.
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    United and Liverpool EFL project - proposal rejected

    The problem with premier clubs is that they always want to go with proposals which advantage themselves individually and not necessarily other clubs or football in general (or the other way round) and the so called big clubs do it more often. Some of these proposals are eminently good for the...
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    Women's Team - 2020/21 - FA Cup Winners 2019/20

    Good to see Taylor is learning from Pep - picks the wrong side to start and waits too long to change things. Result -mid table if lucky. City need to be brave and change manager now. He is and never has been good enough to lead what was a good womens team.
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    Match Thread | Leeds vs Man City (03/10/20)

    This is the right time to judge Pep. Surely he can see the problems and we should judge him on what he does and when he does it. If Mendy makes one more foul he will be off. I suggest we should replace him before it happens
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    I suppose that I can’t be disappointed in our efforts to upgrade our squad thus far because, I had no real expectations based on a poor transfer experience from last season. Unless Pep signs a lengthy extension to his contract I don’t suppose top players will risk their careers without knowing...
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    Luis Suarez

    Please NO His attitude to everyone and everything football would be a shoe in at Liverpool.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    I have been reading these posts with a mixture of anger and depression over the team selection, the way we played and the effort (or lack of it) put in by most of last nights players. I have also reflected on what would those on the bench have thought about not being picked to play originally or...
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    Houssem Aouar

    What a shameful statement to make. I really doubt that you are a true City fan if it would be a dream summer if two City players who have given good service to the club both on and off the field were the leave at the end of the season. I sometimes wonder what has happened to our fan base since...
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    Ederson wins the Golden Glove

    If it’s a golden glove, then if two share it they get half a glove each... maybe?
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