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    TV Series

    Really liking the alienist. Very well made and excellent story.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Surely with infection rates so high and God knows how many that have had it, you would assume herd immunity would kick in shortly.
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City League Cup SF (06/01/21)

    Nice of sky to do minutes applause at 8 mins
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    Colin Bell RIP

    Very sad news. Shit start to the year. :(
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    General Videogame Thread

    What difficulty are you playing on? I did it first time on p.c. On normal difficulty.
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    Last Film You Saw

    Just watched it, very moving. Had something in my eye. Very good.
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    “The work of God”?

    There are around 10,000 religions in the world, not including all the old defunct ones. So at least 99.99% of these have got it wrong in what they believe, as they all can't be right. My guess is 100% of them have got it wrong. Every single on is man made mumbo-jumbo.
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    Christmas movies

    There's a documentary on Netflix about how they were the influence for elf, they even copied the costumes and some scenes. So much so that they tries to sue them for it.
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    Ariana grande secret santa for Manchester hospitals

    Don't care if you like her music or not, this is just a wonderful thing to do..
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    Peter William Sutcliffe

    I wonder if it had anything with him hitting the bottle? As you said sad. Top blue,saw him at Wembley.
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    Peter William Sutcliffe

    Fuck me didn't know Bruce Jones (les Battersby) found one of the victims.
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    Feelings towards the current side

    It's not a very good advertisement to get us to go back to the ground, when we can. Fear there could be a huge drop in uptake of season tickets.
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    3 Best Christmas songs

    Greg Lake - I believe in Father Christmas John and oko - war is over Mike oldfield - in dulci jubilo
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    Same. that's weird, usually comes and goes in week, this time not had it as bad but lasting about a month, had to get some neproxen from docs. Still sore
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    Gerry Anderson tv show themes appreciation thread

    Ah, I see. The big spinney thing. Get it.
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    Gerry Anderson tv show themes appreciation thread

    I'll agree with you about Joe 90 but not fireball.
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    Gerry Anderson tv show themes appreciation thread

    How can you open this thread without this, Shame on you.
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    Last Film You Saw

    Totally agree, ended up being like black beauty (or skippy the Bush kangaroo) in the end. Was there nothing it couldn't do!!!
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    Last Film You Saw

    1917. Very good, kept me gripped. The only criticism I'd have is the lack of Germans in it. Must been about 5. Very cleverly done, apparently there are about 34 cuts in it, but only spotted a hand full.
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