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    Worst away days

    It was the 28th when they played at Selhurst Park Remember going down in the car thinking this was the day we would finally win away ! I’m sure we played them at home late Nov and beat them 2-1 Charlton didn’t score another goal until that 5-0 win Typical City !!!
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    New City bar in Los Cristianos Tenerife

    It’s on the front in Los Cristianos overlooking the beach above another bar. It’s on the Las Americas side tho. 10 min walk from that Safari Centre hard rock area
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    Stupid little things that bug you

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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Cockneys on holiday Why are they so fucking loud ? Breakfast this morning, just choosing between an apple and an orange involved the whole fuckin room!! Get both and decide when you back to the table you tw@t and leave everyone else out of it as no one else is remotely arsed !
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    Heat wave next week

    Nice, I’ll be in Kefalonia tomorrow pm
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    We stay in Skala as there’s a bit more going on at night and really great buzz. We have a car from the airport so been all over inc Fiskardo for the day a few times plus Sami Agha Efmi Lourdetta Lassis Argastoli , caves and the famous beaches Actually stopped en route to Fiskardo a couple of...
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    Is Manchester airport the worst in Europe?

    Tell em to get a shift on! I’m flying in 48hours !!
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    Agree 100%. There and Egypt, never again even if city were playing there Off to Kefalonia Tuesday for 12 nights, my new go to destination 6th time in 4 years
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    Tuesday 18th June - Fixture Release

    As long as it’s not Brentford or Bournemouth with their shit allocations
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    The most depressing group you have ever heard?

    First thing that entered my head when I read the title Used to have an old central heating that sounded just them when it fired up
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    Football Cops CH4 (Series 1 Ep 1-4)

    Some utter wankers follow lower league football Hope we get off those charges ;) Otherwise we’ll be playing em !!!!
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    Happy anniversary everyone!

    Terrible night that !!
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    Nevizade Street - 1 year ago today

    We did 4-00am 5-00am 6-30am 2-00am we declared on the Sunday
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    Nevizade Street - 1 year ago today

    Just THE best few days ever Actually losing to Chelsea in Porto made this so much better and a lot more got to witness it so I’ll take that defeat; as Porto was a great weekend Those 4 days trumped it x 10 Especially the Thursday & Sunday nights
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    You? Or Parga ?
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    Pep's contract situation

    Or ruin him like Lampard !
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    Trophy Parade | Sunday 26th May, 19:30

    If we win the next two, need get a Stokey to help us out with hand signals!
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    Bert on Bert

    All very nice in Watford after , blues and red chatting few Leeds about, reds now all gone city still out!!! And still singing Just proves we are still just grateful to be where we are and not complacent All the reds had to sing was about our cheating…. Love it
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    A sense of perspective

    Agreed. All said the same

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