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    Donald Trump

    Just so you know Corey Compatore will not be mentioned again.
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    The Conservative Party

    This is what the Tories face now - 10 years trying to oust the cunts
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    The Conservative Party

    The current incarnation of Tories is infested with Faragist types who would merge with Reform Ltd in a heartbeat. They need to go bump and then any moderates left could start a grass roots centre tight movement to reinstate them into the main stream. They had them but Johnson and his ilk booted...
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    It seems Israel has embarked on a campaign to get everyone in the region to fight them. The attacked Houthis. Hamas. Hezbollah and so on - my guess is when retaliation they will want help from the West including us. Can I just point out that in the Falklands war the Argentine airforce flew a...
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    US Politics Thread | Biden withdraws from Presidential election race

    Harris should challenge Trump to a live televised cognitive test and a debate straight away - Democrat strategy has to be to focus on Trimps age, convictions, association to Jan 6th and stolen election lies - go on the offensive with a flurry of punches
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    Trouble in Leeds tonight

    just looked it up - Tuesdays are steak night so maybe not
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    The Conservative Party

    why - I want those who have destroyed my country and my kids future to go out of business - if its by their own hand then even better. To coin a new phrase " You lost - get over it "
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    The Conservative Party

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - soooooo funny - die cunts die
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    Just Stop Oil protests

    at least the bastard didn't glue his hand to the road - then he'd have faced jailtime
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    Post Something Interesting

    Pipe - fucking pipe
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    The Labour Government

    look at your reaction to a Govt planning - deary me - you lost get over it
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    The Labour Government

    Three weeks ago they were telling us Labour don't have a plan
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    Athletics Thread

    Watched this earlier - thrilling - drink it in we will do well at Paris
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    The Conservative Party

    News in for anyone who loaned their vote in 2019 - you went on to be done up the wrong 'un at the expense of your kids well being - you must be so proud
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    The Conservative Party

    they have identified why they lost - they were never in power?????? Mental
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    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    Of course not but I agree with the ICJ Verdict now
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    The Conservative Party

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    Joke thread

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